Virgin Money Discussion & Feedback

I suspect he’s suggesting that as it would be a requirement to disclose it.


And let’s face it, no lender really cares if you’ve opened a few current accounts with no overdraft facilities, no matter how much the CRAs fiddle with their numbers to make you think otherwise.


Big day today! The app is finally called “virgin money” and not “personal” :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:


Still shows as “Personal” on my Android phone :man_shrugging:

Edit: Has changed following app update :+1:

It also now lets you add further account profiles.

This adds support for business accounts, and also other Clydesdale, Yorkshire and B accounts.

Previously if you were a customer of both Clydesdale and Yorkshire, you would have to pick one to login to the new Virgin app with. Now you can use profiles to log in to both.

It looks like a potential precursor to scrapping the Clydesdale, Yorkshire and B apps. The rebrand is supposed to be complete by the end of the year so I doubt the old apps will survive for long.

Hope not.

I prefer accessing my VM accounts through the Yorkshire Bank app. So much cleaner imo.


I’ve just applied for the account.

Got an email asking for ID proofs so we’ll see how it goes.


Just saw a Virgin Money advert of TV advertising their M Plus account switch offer. Was quite an “upbeat” advert, especially for a bank. I defientely liked it, much better than Starling’s current advert which is extremely boring.


Virgin Money and Yorkshire Bank app, on :android: at least, has been day best part of today.

No online access either.

Glad not my main account!

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Clydesdale Bank and ‘B’ also affected too


All banks will have issues from time to time.

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Hence why I have many :grinning:

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All fixed :grin:

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Wanted to change the DD for my Virgin Credit Card to a new bank account. Easy right :thinking: nope 🤦

So I can edit the payment in app, however that only changes the amount which is collected. I’ve had to complete a form, to ask customer services to cancel the DD, so that I can then set it up in app again.

Talk about been backwards

Make sure it’s active for your next statement. Don’t take it for granted and end up with a missed payment fee.

Though I’m sure you’re aware of that already :grin:


Yeah got to wait 2 business days for them to cancel it 🤦 as soon as I get the notification to say it’s done, it’ll be set up again.

Payments only just been taken for this month so they’ve plenty time to set the new one up and make sure it collects it.


You’ll find some “backwards” processes with basically all banks (even Monzo!). Sadly it’s just how some of the systems work (although that does seem a bit complicated for a simple task.

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Barclaycard and Tesco Bank were a breeze to change in app for me :grin:

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You are right, but this specific use case isn’t exactly a crazy edge-case.

People want to change their bank details for direct debits all the time - to not allow it at all, and require full cancellation prior to re-setting up is poor.

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