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Got to pay for the new shops/stores/not banks somehow


Not too surprising, those are the same fees as ‘B’.

Given you can’t open a new B account anymore, they’re presumably just rebranding it.

They did say that from 2020 it will be free to use abroad but this seems like a silly move because once people check they’ll be less inclined to go back and check again on the off chance it’s improved

The B website is still too fully functional at the moment though for a product that is no longer available. Someone looking to open it can go through the whole site about the features of the account.

It’s not until you then click on ’ Get B’ where it tells you it’s not available anymore.

Seems like they are just rebranding the B account the app looks pretty much identical to the old B app (I was a customer 3 years back) and switched to Monzo with CASS :star_struck:

I think Virgin think their then B all end all with things, yes I agree I love how they word things pretty quirky and cheeky at times I like that, but looking more into their fee’s and extra charges makes me shiver and screams ‘legacy bank”

Virgin are good at the aesthetics of powerful websites and eye catching imagery be good to see if anyone actually takes up their ofter and see how it pans out I’ll stand by my Hot Coral Card and watch from a distance :eyes:

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Not really the case. Virgin bought the two companies and rebranded them VM, which was then sold to Liberty Global, and LG now pay to use the name. Neither NTL or Telewest exist as companies anymore, as they were both a proper part of Virgin before the divestment.

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They should’ve taken a leaf out of Starling’s (or Anne’s) book with the card design. You can hold your card in portrait but the card isn’t going to be portrait in the ‘pays’ so they really need to change the card design specifically for mobile wallets… It doesn’t need to exactly match the card.

The Virgin Money mobile app and online banking have now launched.
As expected, it’s just the same Clydesdale/Yorkshire/B platform with Virgin Money slapped everywhere!

They had a load of logos lying around since they took them off their trains, so had to find somewhere to put them. :bullettrain_front::grin:

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Hopefully the app developers are a bit more sensible than those who developed the Virgin Money Credit Card app…

Couldn’t find it in my app list for the life of me…!


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Virgin money provide great customer service. Monzo leadership should go on an away day to learn from them.

Do they have instant transaction notifications?

And a red square icon in a round white circle?? My eyes are burning!! :fire::see_no_evil:


OMG that app icon looks soo wrong get rid of the white arghhh eyes burn :fire:

Still can’t open a current account though.

Also, why would the app be called Personal? Would anyone look in the P’s to find it?

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I guess their Android devs don’t understand the use for each name box when submitting an app in the Play Store… The name is fine in the store, just when it installs that it’s “Credit Card” or “Personal”.

No instant notifcations @TTJJ

Oh! So is it literally just the B app completely? Even the old bright purples, greens? I’m guessing they changed to red, but if there’s no instant notifications it’s just the same app like you pointed out, was going to open an account won’t bother now thanks for sharing :ok_hand:

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It does actually seem like they’ve done the same going from the App Store screenshots.

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