Virgin Mobile

In terms of why my experience was so bad, it was down to speaking to multiple service reps, being transferred on the phone to the wrong department several times and being given incorrect information in more than one occasion - generally the things you would consider a “bad experience”. In particular I was using their text service (I prefer to have it in writing to refer to) and on multiple occasions would get “I’ll get back to you in a few moments” and then no reply for hours/days at its worst. On the whole, it took around 6 weeks to resolve the issue I had, most of which was caused by lack of capability with their technical systems.

I’ve been in and out of Customer Service through many companies over the years, so have plenty good and bad experiences, and this did highlight the things that are general bug bears for customers. I know what frustrated and disappointed me about my experience, but also what I like about good service experiences, so I do keep that in mind when on chat or calls :slight_smile:


I don’t think looking at a company’s community forum is necessarily the best way to get a balanced impression of a company. After all, what sort of impression might someone visiting here for the first time have, at least on some days? :wink:


Is a ‘text service’ like Monzo’s chat or something else?


Monzo is a bit different because most of the complaints are about accounts being closed because of suspected financial crime where there are laws governing what the bank is allowed to say to the customer. Monzo is not perfect though and I’ve voiced my displeasure with the decline of their customer service elsewhere on this community.

Virign’s case is different though. On one hand you have Monzo which is a free service, has no contracts or monthly fees included and it’s relatively easy to CASS away if you’re not satisfied. Virgin on the other hand has yearly contracts where they bill you for a service that is sometimes not being provided or up to spec and switching away is not easy if you want to play by the rules (since you’re going to get a hit on your credit score and some people care about that), so you end up with a lot of people stuck in a contract being forced to pay for something that doesn’t work and are being given the run around by incompetent idiots running their CS if they want to try and sort it out.

Looking at the community it seems like some problems are now consistently occurring for 2 years and the user experience is just as awful for the people the people involved. That’s completely unacceptable IMO.

Literally a text message - it’s a U.K. 07 mobile number :sweat_smile:

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I don’t believe that is the case, especially given how proactive Monzo are at referring things to their Customer Advocacy Team.

Just to point out that Monzo does indeed have a contract with you - they need one to provide any form of service to you.

They also have fees for the various versions of Plus etc.

It’s also just as easy to change mobile provider as it is to change bank account, both have regulator inspired schemes to ensure this and doing either well affect your credit record.

Sadly, Monzo also seem to have various long standing issues as well which remain unresolved.


Virgin Mobile have had a number of issues with billing and sending un-provisioned SIMs ongoing for a some time, among other issues.

Unfortunately, the whole company’s customer service is absolutely abysmal which negates pretty much any offering they have mobile or otherwise with the frontline staff either unaware of basic problem solving skills or downright abusive. It’s a shame as the HFC fixed line network could be pretty decent if better managed.

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This simply isn’t true, it just suits your agenda.

I agree with this in principle, but it’s important to keep in mind that some mobile contracts can be up to 24 months (previously longer was possible). You can’t just move in this case without significant financial penalty, which is not the case with Monzo or banking in general.

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Yes, it is. Please don’t start spouting conspiracy theories about agendas etc.


Not it isn’t. You’re not comparing like for like.

You’re not tied to any amount of time for Monzo. You are with a phone contract.

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That depends purely on the contract you agreed to with your bank.

With mobile firms, what they can charge for early termination of a contract is also regulated and firms are subject to large fines if they get this wrong such as

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You are with Monzo Plus.

Not all phone network plans lock you into a contract.


Plus you are in theory, but people have been cancelling and just paying for what they’ve had.

Rolling contracts are totally different.


I get what you are saying, the switching itself is fairly simple and Monzo does have a minimum term for Plus (which they don’t seem to be enforcing beyond the initial £5 card fee), but saying switching from Monzo where there is no long term contract is as easy as switching from a mobile provider where you could be tied in for years isn’t really a fair comparison.

The implication is that you could be stuck with Virgin for 24 months with problems and be struggling to resolve these, or pay around 50% of the entire term to leave. This situation is simply not possible with Monzo or the majority of mainstream banks.


ASDA are doing the same thing. Strange.

I’m not sure if you’re aware but if you have a fixed interest pot with Monzo, they will reject any request to transfer your bank account elsewhere from them until that pot is closed.

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BT/EE are probably trying to recoup the costs of replacing Huawei kit and other losses and just aren’t being as competitive anymore. Vodafone need some big wins to remain relevant with all the consolidation going on and upcoming 5G rollout, so they’re probably being very competitive with their negotiating.

Aren’t persistent, unresolved issues often cause for terminating early without penalty though? Never had too many issues with phone networks, but certainly VDSL broadband, I’ve been allowed out of contracts early due to unresolved issues, which meant they were not providing the service promised in their contract.

Interesting. Usually the bank would just close these accounts and return your money with no interest, or in some cases a penalty will be deducted.


I didn’t know that, and that’s not great, they could simply keep a basic account open to provide savings access. But to be fair, mobile networks also don’t accept PAC requests by text if you have other linked accounts, and how they handle the remaining linked products is variable. Granted, they won’t hold your number ransom and neither should Monzo.