Viola Black Discussion

Or did they discover that that was the part of the bike that wasn’t worth anything :joy:

Wheels have come off, utterly useless, devoid of value and quickly forgotten.

And the bike’s not doing too good either


The EU mandates the existance of “basic” accounts that can be accessed by anyone without restrictions provided they don’t already have other accounts. Here’s just one of them:

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Quite a lot of people are not aware of those accounts existence…

I think this is Viola blacks director

Seems to of changed his Twitter to this:

Edit: scrap that, he’s still on here

They seems to be quiet on social media…

Did anybody manage to open an account?

The bikes that Viola have in cardiff are really bad all u can hear when you see people riding them in clicking

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Breaking News! Viola have released their first ever app update in the 3 months since I first downloaded it

It’s totally broken the app so it won’t load now, but it’s a sign of life :grin:




Think you’re safe from having to move over for a little bit longer :grin:


Tells the competitor to move over, yet is only a prepaid master card AND charges £4 per month?
A lot of ignorance coming from a startup with next to no background and nobody has seem to heard of lmao :joy::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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It’ll be a while before Monzo has to move over…if at all.

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Ooh looky - improvements :laughing:


What’s the status of your card? As apparently there’s been an update

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I deleted the app a couple of weeks ago :scream:

Will download it again when I get home

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I can’t believe you paid for that crap :joy_cat:

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I haven’t yet. The exceptional demand means I’ve been waiting months with no update


This is still ongoing???

Tried to get an OTP coz I can’t remember what password I used and I maxed the number of requests because they didn’t send it repeatedly. I don’t think it’s ready to launch yet :joy:


Ooh, they are being busy little bees aren’t they?

Still doesn’t make any difference tho