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What an incredibly unusual proposition in today’s world, a company that just wants to make money instead of helping people…

(Gavin) #416

You would think in this day and age companys like that would wanna help people insted of charge them to help them

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You would but in reality I would imagine that 99.9%* don’t. Some will, often with the best of intentions, do an initiative, wave a flag, do whatever to get themselves a bit of positive PR, but whether when push comes to shove it’s any more than that is an entirely different issue.

*not a sourced statistic but one I made up off the top of my head because, well, I can’t be bothered to find actual ones, if they even exist.

(Nathan Steer) #418

How could you do such a thing in an online forum?!

(Rob) #419

Hmm, this just reminded me, don’t Apple and Google charge 30% fee for anything sold in an app that a customer buys from an app they signed upto after downloading it from their store? Hence Netflix now not letting people sign up from the app but telling people to sign up from its website. I wonder if this effects fee charged by Viola Black seeing how it seems to be a subscription? Also are Monzo charges not effected?


There’s a long list of things they do and don’t take their 30% cut for. It’s mostly just digital entertainment they take a cut of (video content, books, etc).

They obviously don’t take a 30% cut of everything you buy in the Amazon app, for example.

(Rob) #421

Ah that’s good to know

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(Peter Reid) #423

Take it you meant to link

(Gavin) #424

There got on the side of buses aswell move over Monzo

(Sam) #425

I don’t think Monzo need to worry about competition from Viola when it comes to blogs…

(Splodf) #426

Gosh that was a painful read.

Was like watching your dad drunk on Karaoke trying to get everyone to join in.


Um, that piggy bank image is familiar.

(Sam) #428

Someone pointed that out on Twitter…


Christ, I mean I know it’s just a stock image and they’re free to use it – but still.

(NM) #430

This is why subheadings are useful :rofl:

(Daniel White) #431

Yes it’s free-to-use but to accidently on-purpose use the same image that Monzo use… :thinking:

(David Preston) #432

Billy Mcfarland, is that you?



No paragraphs :roll_eyes:

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