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(NM) #395

Need more posts, more keywords. :joy:

(Katrina) #396

A splash screen :face_vomiting:
They went out of fashion about 15 years ago.


It’s even worse than that. It’s an actual video being played…

(#savetheseabass) #398

Happy birthday Liam :partying_face: :birthday:

(Katrina) #399

If you transact a lot in other currencies, Revolut is actually quite good. I used it for a shopping trip in Paris yesterday, and I liked the fact that I had my spending budget on the card in Euros, transferred across two months ago when the exchange was a bit better than it is now, and I knew exactly how much I was spending. With Monzo, you get an estimate which gets updated to actual rates when Mastercard does their settlement thing.

This may not be something that is of any use to you, and I certainly don’t use it as my main account, but the only real alternative is Transferwise, and they are a bit more expensive.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #400

TransferWise Borderless also do this :+1:

(Marcel Ruhf) #401

Yeah but Revolut doesn’t charge any FX fees during the week, so is usually cheaper.

(Jonathan Port) #402

Hi Guys

Was on a night out in LDN Saturday. Was walking through South Kensington underground station and saw an ad that caught my attention. It said “Move over Monzo” and then something about a new bank :joy:

Thought it was funny, has anyone else seen this?

Think the bank is called Viola or something.

(Kolok) #403

Not sure if it’s been mentioned, they seem to be doing a commercial product , similar to Revolut by the looks of things,
Decent feature set, and pricing looks ok-ish

They also have

Edit; seem to have quite a few products worldwide


5 :star: marketing. Just 3 words - “Move over, Monzo” and so many discussions about them…

(Splodf) #405

5 star marketing includes results.

Those results are shocking after such a large spend.

They’ve become a fintech meme and will soon disappear without a rapid rethink.


Anyway it’s better than nothing :joy:

(Katrina) #407

You can get a corporate credit card from any legacy bank for less than that, and you pay at the end of the month rather than the beginning of the month which gives you cashflow benefits.

(Callum McIntyre) #408

You can’t really avoid a monthly fee and an ATM fee and a punishment fee for inactivity without just avoiding the product though. Agree on the credit card, but by their structure interest fees are always avoidable - these are designed not to be.

(Peter Reid) #409

Interesting that they’re still using what’s obviously a screenshot from a very lazy test environment, or what’s more than likely an output from Sketch or Adobe XD in their latest tweets :thinking:

All the amounts are the same, the day divider has the same date on it (at least i’m assuming that’s what the grey bar is).

Furthermore it differs quite a lot from what they’ve posted previously - particularly in that section at the top.

Really seems like to me that all they have right now is an UX mockup where they’ve poorly used the “repeat grid” function, and a registration form inside an app… I’ve still not seen any definitely real app screenshots, or pictures of physical cards from either Viola black or anyone on social media.


I think even Uaccount do better than this. I’d just go for Monese!

If I needed a prepaid card, which I don’t…

(Splodf) #411

Loot beats them both imo

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #412

“Viola Black. Banking for morons.”

(NM) #413

Viola Black the Brexit of Banking

(Gavin) #414

Viola Black the Company that dont wanna help people they just wanna take people’s money