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Expanding the Cardiff office. Been one there for a while

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Some 15% of all new UK bank accounts are Monzo accounts, and Monzo became a Which? Recommended Provider in our latest banking survey, with the highest consumer score of any UK bank.

Read more: - Which?

Pretty cool, didn’t know that 15% of new accounts are Monzo!


We are too used to doing transactions in Coal & Pot Noodles, only just started using coins and paper money, this plastic card malarkey won’t catch on back home :joy::joy::joy:


Their new radio adverts are catchy. Something along the lines of “keep your finances on track - with viola black” accompanied by a catchy jingle sang Tina Turner style. No mention of Monzo at all.

This is going to appeal to those couple of percent of Monzo prepaid users who didn’t make the switch. The ones who didn’t want to commit to a full account because it might harm them in some way, and would rather keep things prepaid whatever the cost or strange logic involved.

It’s very niche though. A massive country-wide marketing blitz for something so niche… I can only see it ending one way. Although they clearly have a lot of money to burn so who knows how long it can go on for?

In the few weeks they’ve been blitzing they will probably be looking at turnover of thousands and spending of hundreds of thousands. How long they continue will depend on how deluded they are.

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Is it nation wide? i’ve only seen pictures of their ads for Viola Black in London, and the radio ads from what i’ve heard are only appeared on a few stations, the ones I’ve heard they were on were ones I’d personally categorize as ‘london centric’?

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I saw an advert at Marylebone tube the other day


I’m up in Manchester and I’ve not seen or heard Viola even mentioned outside of this forum. If it wasn’t for this thread I wouldn’t even know they existed.

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Ditto for Belfast - friend in Bristol also said he hasn’t seen or heard anything on it.


Piggybacking on the Monzo name worked just as I suspect they expected it to then

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How do we keep this thread no 1 on Google coz right now it’s no 4?

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It’ll be interesting to see - the only people I’ve seen talking about it are their own directors, and folks from here who found problem with it.

I do genuinely wish them all the best, if they make the right decisions going forward this could actually amount to a good product for consumers in the very long term - right now it’s not looking that way to me though - the fees are just too high.


Didn’t like 90% + come over to current accounts ? :man_shrugging:

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#2 for me - after the Which thread - TBH I don’t think we’ll be able to compete with their SEO, and the Article is a good write up anyway - general consumers are more likely to read Which’s article anyways.

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As long as we stay above the official page we are doing well :joy:

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I guess if we also keep mentioning Viola Black Card as well it should keep it up there too.

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Copy and pastes Viola card black a thousand times :joy::rofl::joy::joy::rofl::thinking:

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i really dont see how this can even take off is a bit like starting another instagram now with missing features. Monzo is better and cheaper really pointless.


For me, searching from Portugal for Viola Black, their official site is 3rd after a result with some flowers from image search and some weird movie from Amazon. This thread is 7th

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Yeah they’re now ahead of us :frowning: