Viola Black Discussion & Feedback


I think they’ve launched another prepaid card :joy:

(Neil M) #354

I think this one was already in existence. But not sure

(Ben Dixon) #355

Looks like it. From a little Googling it looks like it has a few alternate names/brands.

I also want to point out that that Twitter video literally makes the product look like it was made for Lord Sugar in a challenge for The Apprentice :rofl:

(Neil M) #356

I haven’t seen the twitter video.
I’m beyond confused at this point with what is current brand and what isn’t etc.

(Valeri) #357

According to their “group” website, they are all current brands - just with different target audience I guess.

The Wallet one seems to be specific to Indian market, though.

(Jonathon) #358

I imagine just a little bit like Virgin, but for finances.

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #359

Listen guys the only thing that matters is this:

Keeeeepp your finanncessss on traaaaaaccckkkkkk with Violaaaa Blackkkkk

(Ben Dixon) #360

A friend just linked me this on Twitter.
Apparently looks like the director of Viola trying to act like a random person who just found out about his own product and went to sign up


Scroll up, we already spotted that :slight_smile:

(Sam) #362

From the looks of a colleague’s computer, Viola Black are also advertising on the Daily Mail’s website. Seems like a pretty hefty marketing budget.

(Neil M) #363

I had loads of adverts on Buzzfeed


This page seems to have all but disappeared now…


I always wondered this because in the early days of Monzo and Starling I would have seemingly random card declines in certain places - but when HSBC switched all of their Premier credit cards from Visa to MasterCard (which I believe was the first MasterCard HSBC did in the UK) there was zero issue and it worked flawlessly so your explanation settles that.

(Peter Reid) #366

Just realised that I actually haven’t seen a picture of a physical viola black card anywhere, not even a stock photo? :thinking:

We’d seen physical pictures of Monzo cards well before the launch as far as I remember?

Wonder if Viola group themselves even have any :thinking:

(Tony Hoyle) #367

I can’t believe they haven’t at least produced mock cards given the amount they’ve spent in advertising. They may not have any working cards, but a fake one is just a bit of rectangular coloured plastic.

(Kolok) #368

Should give you an idea of the look.

I also got that ad , the voiceover says “new way to manage money …bla bla… move over monzo”

(Neil M) #370

Maybe they’re being ultra techie and going virtual card first… Highly highly doubt it though :rofl:

(Petra KH) #371

I genuinely think this advertisement is only doing any good for Monzo. First I thought that it says Move over to Monzo anyway. Then I just thought that people who don’t know Monzo might look it up when they see this and others will laugh about it when they look at the fees.

(Sam) #372

Looks like Which? have picked up on the Viola Black ‘hype’.

Seems a pretty fair assessment to me.

(Richard) #374

Is this a good time to tell you that Monzo are opening a new office in Cardiff?? :stuck_out_tongue: