Viola Black Discussion & Feedback

(Peter Reid) #271

Not sure? I know curve can potentially charge for curve black, same with n26 metal & revolution metal, do they list those charges on their app listing?

(Splodf) #272

Yeah but the initial listing is free for those services, no? Do Viola do a free offering like the others?

(Peter Reid) #273

Very true and curve at the least do make the fee abundantly clear

(Richard) #274

(Neil M) #275

Has anyone used the card yet?

(Andy) #276

Is anyone daft enough to order one… when one of the charges is 30p for Declining a POS or ATM transaction…

(Neil M) #277

As far as I know @Rat_au_van is actually genuinely intrigued by how terrible can it actually be


I’m also intrigued but wouldn’t dream of applying out of principle at those fees

(Kolok) #279

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #280

Has anyone from Viola been in contact to join up here yet or are they still being peepers?

( #281

Move over Revolut should be their motto.

(Splodf) #282

Move Over Dick Turpin

( #283

Ok. That’s significantly better.

(Jonathan) #284

@Ben_Luney you need to keep an eye out for the bikes when you are in Cardiff next month. Take some Monzo stickers :wink:

(Ben Luney) #285

Definitely feels like a compliment being plastered over another companies adverts, Monzo are slowly becoming the Apple of the banking world :blush:

(Michael) #286

Have my recently purchased Monzo shares notionally gone down 9% in value? :wink:

(Splodf) #287

I’d take (and promptly sell shares) in a Monzo trillion dollar valuation.

(Neil M) #288

I had my first Viola advert online… I feel concerned
EDIT: I missed the opportunity to say Violated :joy:

(Ben Luney) #289

If your Monzo shares were worth what apple shares still are then I wouldn’t be too worried :wink:

(Brenton Hill) #290

There app had 2 reviews when I searched it. I decided to give them a helping hand…