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No idea, I’m assuming they work for them. Most recent posts from that feed relates to the group


The thing is, if you avoid what are clearly comical fees, the actual service/product might be great to use (no idea, not going to try, and purely speculating).

I’d happily use a credit card that had the best app, customer service, and loads of features - Even if the APR was 400,000% - Why? Because I’d never pay a penny as I’d avoid the fees.

It stands to reason that Viola will already have a few core supports from using their other products, especially if their customer numbers are to be believed.

The whole thing is ridiculously bizarre, but perhaps the actual product is decent… (scraping the barrel for positives…).

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I bet he works for them…


David John Harris is a director of:

(The originator of this tweet)


I feel it’s prudent to exercise transparency when recommending your own products.

I have no issue with vendors promoting their own products. I’m not sure I’m comfortable with them phrasing the tweet as if they are Joe Public.

“makes me want Viola Black! I’ve signed up and joined the queue…” :thinking:

Edit: I missed one. (And in fact there are a few other ‘non Viola’ appointments, although in the interest of relevance I only listed those related to Viola).

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:see_no_evil: These are the kind of people that don’t realise how easy it is to find out more information about someone with a quick google.

thought process: ‘Oh i’ll just pop a positive comment on as if i’m a punter, will make it seem a lot more genuine. Nothing can go wrong!’


:joy: fools

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Pretty sure that’s against FCA rules as well


Still don’t get why anyone would actually want this? The only advantage that article (which barely says anything interesting) is that the card is apparently not linked to your bank account. Yay?

Surely they have to link it with the source of payment anyway? Where are they gonna take the fees from?



My thoughts exactly. Would love to hear from some genuine customers

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If they already have other prepaid products such as ViolaCard why create yet another brand it’s confusing.

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How do you know that is him?


Feels like an attempt at Virgin but on a budget.

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This tweet all but confirms it.


Beat me to it @FlyingDutchman.

The photo matches with the avatar and WEISNER, Tracey Amanda is the only other Director listed for CHANGE YOUR WORLD GROUP LTD (10933541).

Don’t get me wrong, I wish them nothing but the greatest of success. I just value transparency. Part of what makes me an advocate of the Monzo model.

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Silly silly people, they will come unstuck especially with this thread being at the top on Google


Falsely representing oneself as a consumer is an offence under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008.


I wasn’t aware of that; my initial concern was one of morality, not legality.


Pretty sure there’s more fraud on prepaid, but as your wage isn’t on there, it’s less of an impact.

Solution: pots.

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Monzo > Viola

Monzo Pots > Viola Prepay

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Shouldn’t the fees be listed on the Google Store page?