Viola Black Discussion & Feedback

(Dan) #312

What a jingle

(Hugh Wells) #313

Does anyone know what Viola Black’s KYC requirements are? :slight_smile:

I’m just interested in what ID they require (if any) as we’ve found the most difficult issue with providing accounts to the “unbanked” is complying with KYC for customers unlikely to have any government documentation etc.

(Leon) #314

It might be the fact that she somehow tries to sound posh and street at different times during the voice over. Not even going into the fact her voice is not the nicest to start with.

(Only available in amateur ) #315

Passport or driving licence number were mentioned. No word on a selfie video but I’m still in the queue so they might tell me that when they can onboard me

(Splodf) #316

I don’t understand the video. How do you keep savings with Viola Black? 0% interest and a £4 charge…


Just got an instagram advert from them :thinking:


All the adverts. Must be costing a fortune.

(Splodf) #319

And not effective.

It’s reviews have bombed to 1.4 out of 5 and only 500 downloads.

Even at £4 a month they have shelled out way more then they can afford on advertising.

(Hugh Wells) #320

Please let me know - I’m interested! :pray:

(Sacha) #321

Sounds like a radio station. Which would cost £4/month to listen to.

(Only available in amateur ) #322

I asked. Any government issued ID number eg passport or driving licence. Curious they specifically said the number instead of just saying they needed to see them🤔

(Gavin) #323

Seems like a scam big time


I’m sure it doesn’t need pointing out, but calling it a scam, and leaving reviews when you haven’t even tried the service, calling it a scam, are just as bad as what I can only assume are similar fake reviews about Monzo on trustpilot and other places.

There are some people (especially those outside of the FinTech bubble), that would call any bank that charges customers to deposit cash, a scam (for clarity, I don’t personally think that, but I know others who have no other knowledge of the banking industry who do think this way).

Simply because they just can’t comprehend that type of bank, when their existing bank has been never charged a fee for such things.

Perhaps it’s worth trying the service before commenting on what it’s like?

Or, if you don’t like the fees (and I’m struggling to think of anyone who would), maybe watch from the sidelines?

(Only available in amateur ) #325

No indication at all it’s a scam, they just have charges for everything, and very high ones at that

(Gavin) #326

Yh but u wouldnt charge 4 pound for something that your suppose use to budget

(Only available in amateur ) #327

I wouldn’t but they are. It’s how they’ve decided to make money. Personally I agree that there are a lot of cheaper or free alternatives so I can’t figure out who the target audience is, but if there is an unknown niche market then they might capture them


There are many more other budgeting things that charge a lot more than £4 a month that does not make it a scam.

One example that has been in the press., money saving expert and so on. Charges £10 a month to help you budget, that is a prepaid card.

(Gavin) #329

Monzo never charged for prepay its just a complete rip off

(Gavin) #330

Yh i can understamd think money but if u look at what they do u get an account a d they put money away towards ur bills so u dont spend it


There is cardone

£12.50 a month and charges for ATM’s etc.

There is icount

£9.95 a month and 50p for every thing

Like I said many many more that charge more than £4