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(Simon B) #1

Spotted on the tube, apparently.


Move over Monzo
Move over Monzo
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(Kieran) #2

We discussed it quite a bit on slack :smile:



(Sam) #4

Is the advert a bit premature? I’ve just searched “Viola Black” on Google Play and can’t find it.

(Jordan Taylor) #5

Same here


Not a fan of it but I’m not sure anything should be done - if action would be taken it would probably reflect bad on Monzo more than anything else - they’ll be able to twist it around on social media about being “censored” and Monzo being “jealous”.

In any case it doesn’t even make any good points as to why it’s better than Monzo.

IMO just leave it be and people will forget about that knockoff card the second the ad expires. :joy:


Looks like vanquis bank meets sony vaio logo aha.

Money management app that aint no bank.

Ouch look at these costs:

(Kieran) #8

But searching Viola Black on Google and the play store shows nothing


Not sure why Monzo should “move over” in this case - the fee structure is as legacy as it gets… in fact it’s worse than legacy, seems like one of those scammy travel prepaid cards designed to sound like a good deal to unsuspecting travelers but actually it’s worse than just paying your legacy bank fees. :joy:

Someone should print that pricing page and stick it over the ad with a bit “SCAM” overlay on top. :smiling_imp::joy:

#11 is what i thought, logo matches at least!

(Simon B) #12

New campaign idea encouraging CASS : #moveoverTOmonzo :joy:

(Sam) #13

Maybe it does exist. But searching “Viola Black” yields nothing. What a waste of advertising!

(Jordan Taylor) #14

But it seems the ad is definitely premature as the app store links don’t link to the relevant pages yet

(NM) #15

maybe just start an ad campaign with #coralisthenewblack


I just don’t see the point of a prepaid card in 2018 (and soon 2019) when you have actual banks like Monzo and Starling offering the same (or in this case similarly better).

(Jordan Taylor) #17

£4 a month fee
Edit: Seems their meta description has £5 still lingering

(Kian Horton) #18

From what I can see Monzo should be telling them to move over!


erms more security? this means less surely, no protection of your funds :wink:



Yep, not only is a search on Google Play fruitless, but they have also failed to make Google search results front page, from either SEO or paid ads.

(Daniel Yates) #21

Thank them for the free advertising. Anyone who sees it will think “hmm I’ll see what Monzo is as well”