View full transaction history by merchant

I’d like to see a full history/timeline of transactions by Merchant.

• Average spend is interesting, but not very useful.
• Total spend is scary, but not necessarily useful, particularly without being able to filter on time periods.

To view a timeline of all recent transactions at a merchant would be useful. To see clearly each of the last times you made a payment with that merchant, how many times you’ve been to Chipotle this week (I try to stick to 1 per week).

I know there is a search function, but it would make sense to have this from each payment/merchant.



Can you just not click on one of those 3 items (no payments, average, total) and then it goes to show all the transactions? It does this on iOS, so am just presuming the same happens in Android.


I didn’t realise it works for clicking on ‘Number of Payments’.
I guess it’s not very clear when the other two don’t do anything.

Problem solved :confused:

Yes, it’s not super obvious, is it? Still, at least now you can see how often you’ve pigged out at Chipotle!

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