Verification code

Hi I’m trying to open a monzo account through the app but it’s having trouble with the mobile verification code it’s saying it’s not working, how do i resolve this?

Probably best if you drop Monzo an email or call them.

I think their email address is

As this is a community forum, you probably will only get limited help here.

Ahhh I’ve sent them an email but had no reply, I’ve also tried to phone but had no answer I will try again. Thank you

What was the error message? And at what stage?

No worries! :grin: - they’re quite snowed under with queries at the moment, my advice is to keep trying.

I downloaded the app, they sent me an email so I click enter on the link then it asked for my phone number so they could send me a verification code I put the code in they sent and then it said this I’ve tried it a few times and it just keeps saying the same

Have you tried signing up before with that phone number?

Hey @DannM - This is usually the error message that happens when your number is already tied to an account. So if you’ve had an account with us before, you’d have to request that account to be reopened as the app won’t allow you to register a new one with the same number.

Pop us an email at and we’ll get this sorted for you.


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