(Starling Guru) #1


(Peter Roberts) #2

Can’t wait! :crazy_face:

(Brenda Wong) #3

This looks super cheesy and old school - reminiscent of the Sam Raimi Spiderman films!! (Meaning, I’m super excited and want to watch this now)

(Simon B) #4

Confession time : I know both Tom Hardy and Riz Ahmed personally (since before either were famous) so it’s pretty cool to see them in a movie together.


I’ve just noticed the little shield symbols next to Monzo staff names, have I missed a comms on their purpose or is it a secret thing … ?

(Simon B) #6

It’s just to denote forum mods/admins :grinning:


Ooh! :thinking:

(Starling Guru) #8

But do you know them now though? :eyes:

(Simon B) #9

Haven’t spoken to Tom in years, but still cool with Riz - we have close mutual friends :grinning:

(Starling Guru) #10

Pretty decent claim to fame tbh


You should totally use those connections to try and meet Stan Lee. That would give you god like status

(Simon B) #12

It’s probably a story better shared IRL, but the TL:DR is that I met Riz when we were both in a rap battle contest in London. There were about 20 rappers in the contest, I won my heats and ended up placing 3rd overall, Riz then absolutely destroyed the guy that beat me and won the whole competition, which was gratifying :joy:

(Starling Guru) #13

Was it like an 8 Mile battle and is there a video?

(Simon B) #14

It was. In fact it was named “Asian 8 Mile” as all the MC’s were of South Asian descent. No video AFAIK, this was literally like 13 years ago!

(Starling Guru) #15

What you mean no one was rockin one of these bad boys filming it all?

(Simon B) #16

Well damn. They might have been :joy:

Who knows what kind of funky file format those devices used. I tried to get some files off an old Nokia a while back and didn’t have the right codecs. Had to get some old software to play 'em.

(Starling Guru) #17

I think they were .3gp format?

(Simon B) #18

Yeah, that’s right! Some of them would play and some wouldn’t. VLC managed to handle them eventually I think. There was an even older device I had that used a different format as well, I don’t think I was as lucky with that one.

(Starling Guru) #19

I just found a load on my server and Quicktime played them fine.

Barely watchable now coz like 260p or less lol

(Starling Guru) #20