Ux for receipt scanning on Android unappetising

Currently when scanning a reciept on Android, the photo is automatically uploaded after the shutter button. This may be improved by adding step where the user can accept or retake, before upload.
Furthermore, there is no way of rotating or cropping the image.
No biggie, but I feel this may make the feature feel more complete.


Agree here l, I ended up having to delete and re take 3 times yesterday :see_no_evil:

I agree.

This is where the Starling feature wins hands down imo.

Ability to rotate, crop to just receipt AND see full receipt as image from transaction, not a square image which requires a further click.

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Do you still have to fingerprint after the camera or has that been fixed now?

I still get fingerprint after camera (v2.9.0)

I still have to use fingerprint after camera (v.2.11.2)

Gawd knows why though!

The fingerprint Auth seems to be set to come up whenever the app comes back into focus, as the camera takes up the whole screen it takes focus away from the app.

Hopefully when they add the pin options this will be resolved?