Utility (Electric/Gas) APIs

With everyone (probably) moving to smart meters nowadays, I was wondering about how I might use an API to get access to eg. my electricity usage so I can create a nice graph or something and have greater visibility of my usage. My provider does show my monthly usage/cost, but I’m after a more granular breakdown.

I did a search but couldn’t find anything other than using an external hub (Hildebrand Glow or Zigbee?) which I could then interrogate, which seems a bit excessive. Ideally I’d interrogate my supplier directly.

Has anyone tackled this kind of thing, or have any pointers for me?

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I doubt they would be making a customer API, maybe one of the new competition like Bulb etc be first.

But at the moment I would imagine it would have to be some sort of screen scraping of your usage every day from your online account.

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