Utilising Trip Advisor in locating where you used your Mondo

Recently got my card and Tom was briefing us on the utilisation of four square in the algorithms to determine the location of where you used your mondo card. I was wondering could adding TripAdvisor to this set of algorithms aid when abroad and you use your card in a small Greek island resturant that foursquare don’t label. I’ve noticed that foursquare only really cover dense city populations. I think it could more than double the percentage of specificity achieved when determining the location and merchant. This could aid in labelling activities from scuba (outlandish I know) to museums or small vintage shops. Just a thought.


That’s a brilliant idea, thank you very much!

You’re totally right, TripAdvisor is particularly accurate on touristic destinations (precisely the same places where people use their cards on holidays). I’m not sure their systems would allow us to integrate with them though (back in the day they were very reluctant to share their data with non-travel apps) but we’ll take a look :slight_smile:

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Did anything come of this idea?

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My trip to Copenhagen came up with a few unidentified locations that may have been found with Trip Advisor. Would like to see other APIs and methods used to find location data.

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