Utilise Monzo's App to Encourage Donations to Charity

I was just at the supermarket and I was given the option at the self-service machine to round up my purchase to the nearest pound and give the extra cash to charity (e.g. a £2.90 purchase would be rounded to £3 with 10p donated to charity).

This got me thinking that the Monzo app could be used in a similar way. Perhaps there could be options to have the rounded up cash pot to go to charities or even a notification saying “Monzo is now supporting Charity X, would you like to donate £1 a month?”.

Given Monzo’s widespread use it wouldn’t be hard to see how this could help raise thousands for charity and also enhance Monzo’s reputation as an ethical company.

If you want to give to charity, give to charity. Use the Coin Jar feature and pay it every couple of months.

Why do you need your bank to decide which charity gets the money?


There was some progress towards something that does just this, but it seems it’s on hold or something (probably waiting until new navigation is in place?):

The easier it is to do something, the more likely people are to do it.


If it does come, I hope it comes with an option to disable it. I’d rather my bank didn’t annoy me with nudges to donate to whatever it thinks is useful, I’m perfectly capable to deciding what to donate to myself.


I’ve often thought that that the roundup feature should offer an option to donate to charity. It would be great if this was implement for people to be able to vote on charities Monzo night support and then choose your own individual charity from that list.

It would be even better if the charities supported some of Monzo’s long term goals such as gambling, alcohol, tobacco addition etc. (see the thread which has blown up regarding the Observer interview today)

And as always when charity is mentioned, here’s an intro to effective altruism:

I don’t think this idea is suggesting it would automatically donate your money to charity. It would be like a Coin Jar, you turn it on if you want it, but instead of going into a jar, it goes to charity (or into a charity jar that you set up to donate at the end of each month, or whatever).

Presumably you could pick a charity of your choice - either from a pre-defined list, or it could let you insert a charity bank details. JustGiving lets you select form almost all the main charities in the UK, and Facebook does too. Perhaps a JustGiving partnership would work well, letting them deal with the admin side.

Revolut has a donations panel in their app but they only have 3 charities listed. WWF, Save the Children, and ILGA, an international LGBT charity that I hadn’t heard of.

A few months back I wanted to donate a one-off amount to a charity but had to go through a very long process of registering on Virgin Giving to set up an account which took way too many steps to complete.

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Do we know if there’s a recent update on this feature?

I see it’s been suggested in multiple threads over a period time.

Think the main thread is here. Still being worked on it would appear!