Using receipts/notes for advanced budgeting or healthy living

(Seb) #1

Sorry if someone else has already mentioned it and I’m on Android so this may already be in place for iOS (I don’t have the time or patience to read through the hundreds of threads) but:


(1) It would be great if I could either scan receipts and have Monzo automatically itemise transactions (so that my grocery shop for £30 at a given supermarket is actually a list of individual items and their costs. If receipts use shorthand for products, maybe there’s some computer learning that helps Monzo interpret most possible longhand names?

(1a) Following on from this, being able to go through this list and to rate each item on a scale of 0 to 5 (0 being total unnecessary luxury and 5 being absolute necessity), and then mark this as a kind of template for my next (say, weekly) grocery shop.

(1ab) Before going to the supermarket the next time, Monzo asks me if I want to try spending less money this time around (asks me to give a rating from 0 to 5, 0 being ‘not bothered’ and 5 being ‘I really want to cut down’).

(1c) Based on my selection, Monzo uses some basic formulae to automatically generate a shopping list (based on my previous shopping list) with some of the more luxury purchases either cut down or removed altogether depending on my preference (0 to 5).

This would be really cool for me and a lot of other people who do not necessarily have the time, patience or willpower to cut down their spending.


Following on the line of thinking:

(2) What if we could replace the “luxury” and “necessity” extremities with “very healthy” and “very unhealthy”? (these would all be chosen by the user so that Monzo as a company cannot be held liable for anything).

(2a) Using similar 0-5 rating scales and formulae (and maybe a rudimentary database of healthy substitutes) Monzo could automatically generate a healthier of last week’s shopping list.

(2b) As an alternative to Monzo providing its own rudimentary database, it could utilise user input in order to populate such a database. For example, if a lot of people buy a bottle of Coke and then the app asks them to suggest a healthier alternative, you end up with loads of healthy alternatives to the product.

Obviously there’s room for mischief (like daft users suggesting totally idiotic things and rude words as alternatives to products) but hopefully a little bit of imagination on Monzo’s side could iron out such issues.

Hope everything makes sense and I’d love to hear everyone’s feedback.