Using Monzo on board aircraft (This case TUI)

I recently flew with Jet2 and had the same problem with contactless and had to use chip and pin. Another person I flew with has a first direct card and also had the same issue with contactless and had to do chip and pin

I think this is a MasterCard issue.

The last time I flew with them they said that MasterCard cards would only work using chip & PIN - Apple/Google Pay MasterCard cards didn’t work either.

What’s strange is that with TUI and Monzo I’ve never had an issue. And stranger still is on the last time I went abroad with Ryanair, they were asking anyone with VISA to do Chip and Pin but Mastercard worked fine contactless.

I’m out with TUI again next week, I’ll see if the VISA card works just fine.

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Both my HSBC Visa and the Wife’s Santander Mastercard worked just fine.

They (TUI) stated no Revoult or “ Monza” would be accepted however.

I definitely used Monzo fine last time I flew with them in 2021 so either it changed or they say they won’t but when you present a card take it anyway.

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Just back with TUI from NCL > IBZ > NCL. The announcement was "we are a cashless airline accepting Visa and Mastercard with a £200 limit per person. We don’t accept Monzo and Revolut or other prepaid cards.

I used my monzo plus card, just holding it upside down so they didn’t see the branding and it worked fine.

Maybe Monzo needs to reach out to them…


I had exactly the same on TUI flight last week. same announcement and same outcome - I used my lime green Monzo card with my thumb over the Monzo logo, no problems… but I had no doubt they would have refused a coral card on sight !


We flew to Turkiye last year and the Tui attendant said they wouldn’t accept Monzo so I used Google Pay which went through (which defaulted to Monzo), this year flying to Croatia they said no Monzo so I said I’d use Google pay but they said they’d need to see what it was using, they wouldn’t accept Monzo via Google Pay so I had to change to Wise.


That’s just ridiculous. Who are they to micromanage cards like that?


At the start of this month I flew Ryanair to Ibiza and made two purchases with my Monzo via Apple Pay.

When Ryanair have tried to take the payments, over 10 times monzo is declining then despite their being money in my account. I spoke to support and they said it’s for fraud reasons and they told me to get in touch with Ryanair, update my payment details to not use Apple Pay.

No problems today with Jet2 using Monzo

I have just had a similar problem with the Apple App Store. When I contacted Monzo they said they decided it as it was a high risk transaction and that I should contact Apple :woman_shrugging:t3:

My mum and dad got a free cup on tea each on EasyJet as they “don’t take cash, only card, no Apple/Google pay”

So, win win as they didn’t have their cards on them

How the card machine can work, but not take apple/google pay is beyond me, presumably contactless module in the reader didn’t work

I had to see a private Chiropodist recently who said “we don’t take Monzo” when he saw the card in my wallet. I asked if they did contactless, which of course they did, and just used my Flex via Apple Pay. It went through fine, of course :slight_smile:

Edit: oops, not on board an aircraft, sorry!

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We fly TUI next week so will see how we go.

Revolut, Monzo, Lloyds in that order of payment :melting_face::joy:

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Good fecking Christ.

What a bunch.

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Did you correct her?


Not only MasterCard debit but World Elite!

That said, Revolut also comes in World Elite and isn’t prepaid either.

“Offline environment” and can’t confirm there’s enough money on the card…

Well that means they shouldn’t be accepting any payments by any card in the offline environment, that’s the point of it!

As far as I know, the card issuer controls whether offline payments are able to be made, not the merchant choosing to not accept them.

They need to get with the times.


They’ll have a floor limit and that’s the risk.