Using Monzo on board aircraft (This case TUI)

What makes me laugh is I bet if you used a more obscure fintech you’d be fine as they won’t have heard of it. A bit like how I paid with a dozens card once.


Delighted to see this being persued again, so I share this frustration, i have used monzo on 10 flights in the last 2 years (it’s the only card I have) but I have had to do it through applepay so they dont see, it has worked everytime. When I came back from America in the summer I was so frustrated with it, I firstly contacted Monzo who said it should be accepted but I need to speak to Tui, I wrote a complaint to TUI, they rung me and said it was a miscommunication from when Monzo was pre paid and I could use it on flight. I asked if he could pass the message on to the flight crew then, he said he would contact head office. I then flew again and same message so I contacted Tui again, through FB messenger, posts on there x account, completly ignored. I then contacted Monzo again who said they will look into it. Soooo frustrating, not knowing whether ill be able to purchase plane prosecco but more so having to be sneaky, please update if you get anywhere in your mission


I have just landed back at Manchester from Barbados and the first TUI flight in AGES, they didn’t specifically mention no Monzo, today they said maximum £50 to use applepay and ALL card payments had to use chip and pin. Thought this was worth noting as have been on around 12 flights that have given the same explicit ‘No Monzo’ message.


Flew TUI in the last week. They announced to the whole cabin that monzo wouldn’t be accepted onboard.

I pretended I didn’t hear and attempted to order and pay via monzo. When tapping the card it instantly declined.

I’ve raised this with customer support just to add more weight behind it. But good to see monzo are working with TUI already.


Given TUI is one of my Monzo cashback offers I should hope so :rofl:


I’m glad they are since it definitly used to work in 2018 when I went with TUI to Madeira. Off to Turkey with TUI on Friday, but since I’m with HSBC it’ll work (Though they did once say only Mastercard would be accepted, meaning I had to use the CC as the debit is VISA)

I’m pretty certain (94.92%) that they can’t ban a specific bank


Sounds like a right mess on the side of TUI. Different rules / acceptance criteria all the time

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Same here.

My understanding is they can restrict certain card types. Aka all MasterCard prepaid cards or all debit cards. But not specific suppliers of those cards.

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But the machines could be programmed to not allow payment from a BIN as opposed to a bank (subtle difference) I suppose. Whilst I deal with online payments, I know we can block certain BINs (but I am talking in the context of American banking and card processors).


Was the same for me an instant decline, I had my Lloyds card on Apple Pay aswell so I tapped that

Had £0 in there so afterwards I went to get the details and realised I wasn’t logged into online banking, then I had to get off the plane and I forgot where it became their problem


Flew out to Turkey yesterday on EasyJet and they specifically said they had issues with Revolut but other cards would be fine.


TUI flight from Gatwick today again specifically called out no Monzo for food or duty free.

I tried Apple Pay on my Watch with my Monzo Flex card, and it either declined or their payment terminal had an issue (the person in front of me had a similar issue but didn’t see what card they used)

I switched to Apple Pay with my Monzo debit card, and it went through. Because the crew couldn’t see the watch face, they didn’t know it was Monzo and they did not ask what card issuer I was using.

Just had the transaction appear in my timeline and looks like it will settle just fine… :upside_down_face:

Considering TUI is a cashback merchant it’s slightly insane they don’t allow Monzo on board still.


Ill-informed and poorly trained staff. :man_shrugging:t2:

Flew with Ryanair on the 14th, Revolut worked, Monzo didn’t.

My cruise spending came out during the flight, which meant that there wasn’t enough money left for the in flight purchase but Revolut let the account go into negative. So I imagine that’s how they got over the issue of people using their cards to steal from the airlines. Seems like Ryanair is the only merchant I’ve seen that allows you to go into negative

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The payment is processed offline so the account balance doesn’t come into question

Jumping back in to add for the return flight, American Express and Monzo both specifically called out again as not accepted – Monzo Flex card via Apple Pay worked fine… :person_shrugging: