Using Monzo on board aircraft (This case TUI)

I guess that’s what would potentially see off ‘Monzo and Amex’ then.

Could it be a destination thing? Something weird behind this…

Yes, not sure as this hasn’t happened before or since. I think it was a one off card acceptance thing on that flight.

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I had no issues with my premium card in September, but they clearly stated on the announcements they wouldn’t be accepted as they were prepaid. I raised with TUI who responded a month later saying they’d feed it back to ‘the relevant department’ which generally means bin.

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You shouldn’t need to play games to use a card that should be accepted, that’s completely missing the point

No games played. Simple common sense. Tap your phone and enjoy the flight.

I’m not going to wait for Airlines, Terminal providers and a bank to get their ducks in a row. I’ll use whatever is available now to get the job done without any fuss.


What machine are they using on Tui? is it Sumup?

if so:

All I did was attempt to use Apple Pay with Monzo and it got declined. Never showed the card, never showed anything or said it was monzo. As soon as it got declined the person asked “is it monzo?” - yes - “that’s why it is declined” - we don’t accept monzo, Revolut or Amex.

I ask because there are currently sumup acceptance issues with Monzo via Apple Pay. When you pay via Apple Pay normally, it’s not supposed to be possible for merchants to discriminate, because your card details aren’t exposed for them to verify. It’s all tokenisation.

Apple Pay - Apple (UK).

My monzo got declined on both TUI and wizz air. most recent was TUI.

At the point he informed me it declined i also got asked if it were a monzo or revolut and i just said its a debit card and i had already opened my drink and did not have cash in my pocket, it were in the overhead storage inside my bag so i got the drink free.

That’s not why it was declined and they might say they don’t accept Monzo but it will work.

Which is said about 50 times in the other thread.

Why your transaction was declined is something different entirely.

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Makes me wonder was it declined or did they just cancel it knowing it’s monzo. Easily done with a press of a button.

I think the challenge here is it does seem to vary by flight. Some flights they don’t announce it, it works fine. Others say it’s a no. And others say that but accept it.

The problem is a poorly defined process.

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I queried this on a flight back from Zante in July. They stopped accepting Revolut/Monzo because apparently these pre-paid cards don’t update immediately so your card can say you have £10 left on it but it might not. You might have actually have already spent the remaining balance in the airport and then you use it again on the plane and their machines accept it as the card data says their is enough balance but when their machines go to claim the money, it’s a big No Sorry, insufficient funds. They were losing a lot of money over this because travellers had figured out the glitch! Really it’s up to Revolut & Monzo to make sure that’s not an issue in the first place.



Pretty much everything that you’ve just written is incorrect.


That is what I was specifically told by the 2 flight attendants on the flight. I can only go based on my own experience.

If you read the whole thread you’ll see that it’s been frequently mentioned that the attendants are wrong. Monzo’s card hasn’t been a prepaid card for years - it’s a debit card, just like any other bank.

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Apologies if it’s been mentioned before, but shouldn’t the standard advice for this issue be “use Apple/Google Pay, as the terminal can’t tell what bank it is since it’s using a virtual card number”?
I mean, even if the terminal is somehow programmed with the Monzo card prefixes to reject them, aren’t Apple/Google Pay virtual numbers bank-agnostic?