Using Monzo everywhere: improving merchant acceptance

Same card, that still works on other Stripe checkouts. I’m not willing to go through the hassle of card replacement because a third party has an issue that may still affect the replacement card anyway.

Not an IP issue, as before it happens from multiple devices from multiple IPs.

Hilariously they are still stating ‘we don’t accept Monzo’… happily took my staring card and ignoring my twitter request for ‘why’

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And yet another Stripe checkout that rejects the Monzo card out of hand (without any transaction attempts reaching the feed), this time for Humble Bundle.


Are you reporting these all to COps? I know they can’t fix it but if they have the info then maybe someone at Monzo can contact Stripe to point this out?

Aren’t Stripe fairly significant early investors into Monzo? Might be worth not raining on your own parade!


Yesterday I was trying to pay the full amount of my credit card at barclayscard and my surprise was that from the barclay app you cannot use Monzo debit cards
When I wrote the number it wasn’t working
Very disappointing

What was the error message?

It works fine, BarclayCard just can’t cope without a card issue number being entered. It’s been repeatedly reported that 0 works fine, so use that.

If you want to complain to them to get the app changed, that won’t do any harm either.


Thanks for the advice
I will try next time

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It’s amazing that in such a modern world there are acceptance issues that take ages to solve. I’ve never had my Tandem MasterCard credit card declined until today in the Asda kiosk, where I got a message I’ve never seen before - “card excluded”

Kitty Cafe in Birmingham had this notice up.
Not good publicity for Monzo in a high traffic area (Grand Central in New Street station) :-1:

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Did you speak to them about it at all? Or show them the guide for vendors? (Just curious if they had any reasoning). I imagine this was probably caused by someone trying to pay and then leaving before the payment went through… So they’ve decided to just ban anyone using that bank.

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I had an odd one at Pret by the Old Vic yesterday

Paid with my phone using Google Pay. Started waiting for my coffee. Then saw in my Monzo notifications that the money came off and then was an immediately refunded by them for the same amount. Second time it stuck at their end

As you say Kim, I wonder if something could have happened before with them

Not sure why Monzo (or MONZO!) would be unique on that front, but that is one downside of being better known and bigger than some of the other banks using online transactions

My monzo card won’t work with Just-Eat. I contacted them and they said it’s down to my card issuer.

Hi, welcome to the community.

Plenty of people have used just eat without a problem.

Does it show up in your app as declined when trying to pay?

No it just says payment declined on the Just Eat website nothing shows in the app. I made sure fund was available. I spoke with online chatbots just eat yesterday and they said there was no problems reported so it must be my card issuer. This is the only problem I’ve had. Not sure why

I think it’s just that it could happen with any card that does online transactions (don’t know how many others there are now) but Monzo is a bright colour, so people see it and think “Unusual colour - must be a dodgy card”. All that needs to happen is if someone walks away while the card machine still says it’s processing, before it says “Approved”, the vendor says “One moment please, that’s still processing”. Problem solved. But people don’t realise that and jump to conclusions. Also sometimes someone spreads a misinformed rumour like “Monzo users can cancel payments afterwards so you don’t get your money” and people panic and believe it.

I just use Android pay all the time now anyway (unless they’re on an old machine that won’t let me for over £30) and I find it hilarious that vendors won’t even know if you’re using Monzo that way :laughing:

I’ve not encountered this issue anywhere still, but if I did I’d definitely have a chat and try to address misconceptions, and if they were stubborn about it would mention that they state they accept Mastercard and Mastercard might not be happy if they are refusing to take certain ones.

I did have an issue once in Tesco where they authorised the payment but the terminal said it failed. I had to pay again but both payments were authorised on my account. They don’t actually take the money for a few days so it would disappear at that point, but Monzo allows you to cancel it immediately if you wish in the app, with the caveat that you’ll pay if the company does turn around and charge you. Maybe it was something similar with pret, just that they cancelled the authorisation straight away? I guess with my legacy bank it would never have even showed up probably so I wouldn’t have known.

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It’s probably on just eats end. That’s the default response if they don’t know why something didn’t work.

Spotify had a long running issue where they’d decline card payments, with hundreds of users, for years, and they always just said “it must be on your card issuer’s end” but anyone who contacted their card issuer was told Spotify hadn’t even attempted a charge!!


Ah okay. Thanks for the advice and all the help :grin:

To me, looks like it’s more “not good publicity” for that café!