Using card abroad

I landed in Sweden last night. Not used my card yet but not had the message saying your in Sweden this is the exchange rate does this mean my card won’t work?

No it’s telling you what the exchange rate is. If it’s not automatically appeared then it will after your first purchase

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No not had anything but not made a purchase yet. So I get that notification when I make a purchase?

The notification isn’t very reliable so don’t worry if you don’t see it!


Whenever I have been abroad I’ve had it appear after my first transaction in said country, and the. Had the welcome home summary on my first uk transaction after returning.

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^ This :v:

No, you may or may not see that notification again again. You’ll get a notification every time you use the card, giving you the local currency transaction amount, and the current GBP amount (subject to change a few days later).

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