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This is sad but true… Over 8 weeks ago I went through the process of giving my book keeper access to our business bank account at Lloyds. Process involved firstly requesting forms, then filling in said paperwork (lotsa pages, and too many signatures), then sending it off via snail mail. Apparently it’s been processed, but there several more boxes to tick, and paperwork to fill in…

8 Weeks and still no access!!!

Monzo Business Banking can’t come quick enough…


Are you on the waitlist, Robbie? :slight_smile:

We had a similar experience getting one of our pub managers added to a current account. We wanted her to have a debit card with a reasonably small limit so she could pay suppliers online. We had to open a new current account for this, because Barclays set spending limits per account and our main current account with them needs high limits.

Once the new current account was open, we had to get Barclays to add her to the “account mandate”. We made the initial request mid-August. There were several round-trips of paperwork between us and the bank, by post. At the start of November she finally had access to the new current account. (They had also given her access to the main current account, completely defeating the point of opening a new account! They fixed that quite quickly once we pointed it out.)

I’ll be interested to see how Monzo can help with this process. Will this be something for the 3rd party platforms to build a solution for or will we be able to control who has access to the accounts?

I’m thinking for access I’d want my accountant to login to the webview when they need to, take the extracts they want, or investigate what they need, and then call it a day.

Yes, I am waiting impatiently :slight_smile:

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