Use IFTTT Ingredients as Pot Names (Feature Suggestion)

I have been using IFTTT and Google Calendar to automate transfers in and out of my pots for budgeting!

Now this works awesomely but requires a lot of manual config, which involves logging into IFTTT and selecting a pot for any given withdrawal or deposit event.

It would be awesome if IFTTT ingredients could be used as the pot name as it means that I could set up two IFTTT applets - One for Withdrawals and one for Deposits, using the location and description in Google Calendar as the ‘Ingredients’ to populate the Pot name and Amount fields. In turn meaning that all of this could be managed very simply from your Google Calendar.

P.s: Monzo, I believe from a technical standpoint this may be a challenge, as I have observed that Monzo pots are given private internal identifiers in IFTTT, rather than using the text in the pot name. I was able to deduce this from deleting a pot set up with an IFTTT applet and then creating another with the same name and watching the IFTTT deposits fail…