🇺🇸 Monzo in the USA [Discussion]


I’m currently in the US (Washington DC) and this is how my transactions are breaking down:
-Swipe: 80% (sometimes with signature, often without):
-Chip and signature: 15% (sometimes just chip without signature)
-Chip and pin: 5%

Of the 20% that have chip machines, about half accept Apple Pay or contactless (so 10% of my transactions). It’s still very rare here.

Loads of businesses often use a payment system called Square which offers retailers cheap swipe and signature terminals and chip and signature terminals.

For swipe or chip, often they don’t even require a signature. And sometimes if I forget to sign, they’ll just do a squiggle for me on their terminal. So signatures are not taken seriously at all.


Those Square iPad/card reader combo terminals are annoying… I hate signing on touch screens.


It does very much depend on where in the US (as you say with Washington D.C). I’ve noticed California has a very high rate of chip readers but then historically it always had a lot of issues with fraud. Chains are also much better equipped than smaller stores. If you go to border towns or cities with Canada you’ll generally find a high amount of chip readers as well (historically Canadian cards have had chips for a long time (in some cases since 2005), so stolen or cloned cards were used in the US).


Haha. I actually LOVE the emailed receipts (give your email address to one Square retailer and you automatically get receipts every time you pay in a shop that uses Square).

I usually just squiggle instead of signing.


Agreed - Safeway uses chip and pin (one of the few places that does). Trader Jones accepts contactless including Apple Pay.

I would guess California has a lot of chip and pin because it’s also the tech centre of the US.

One cafe I go to has Square swipe and Square chip terminals. He routinely just uses swipe but Monzo declined (I needed to turn on magstripe in the app). The guy told me he just reaches for the swipe terminal because so many first iteration US chip cards are unreliable.


Not for card payments, that toggle is for ATM’s only.

When I was in the US, I had the magstripe toggle turned off and my card worked all the time (first time too, in most cases).


That’s what I thought. Magstripe usually works for me too, even though I have it switched off in the app.

But when it got declined, Monzo COps told me it was because it was switched off in the app.


That seems to be perpetuated by the Monzo CS but it’s wrong. More than likely it’s because Square mark the transaction as ‘fallback’ when a card is swiped (when a chip reader is also installed), so Monzo would have been liable for the fraud (so probably have it set to auto-decline all fallback transactions).


Ah interesting! So if they only have a Square swipe, it would have been accepted. But if they have a chip reader and they use swipe, it rejects.

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I’m moving to the US in January and Monzo will be my main account while I transition to the US banking system so hopefully it will all work ok.

Out of interest does anybody know of any similar app based banks in the US? I know a lot of people use Venmo for splitting bills when eating out. Maybe an international expansion from Monzo at some point…