🇺🇸 Monzo in the USA [Discussion]

(Dan) #290

I shopped at Costco yesterday and checked out with Monzo Apple Pay! Thanks for making me aware that actually they do accept MasterCard (debit)!

(Lauren) #291

I understand Monzo seems to work everywhere in the States and now with a name on the card it removes any issues of having to show I.D on some purchases.

What I’m wondering - I go to Florida, USA next month and I know the machines ask if I want it in GBP or USD… What am I supposed to choose?

Thanks so much.

(Andy - Customer of Monzo - Own Thoughts) #292

Hi @Laurenbeech I’ve moved your post over to the USA thread to keep it all together.

I would recommend selecting USD if you’re ever asked. The conversion rate is far better if you let Monzo do the converting that the machine. With Monzo you’ll always get the MasterCard rate.

(Lauren) #293

Brilliant! Thanks so much - Will select USD :smiley:


Yep, always choose to pay in the local currency (USD) if given the choice.

Also, if no choice is given just make sure the amount is in local (USD) on the screen/receipt before paying.

If offered ‘currency conversion’, likely when using an ATM, choose the option to not have it applied.

(Jolin) #295

Also, see the amazing guide to this issue from @Avishai:


If they take the money on departure, use a credit card on check in where they can do a pre-auth, then on check out, just tell them you want to use a different card.

(Dawid) #297

Not sure it this was reported. I used Monzo at Newark International Airport Railway Station to buy tickets. Chose debit, put the pin, and transaction was rejected.

Then I tried again, chose credit, no pin required, transaction succesful


You need to select Credit to pay using the international credit card networks. Debit is only for their domestic debit card scheme.

(Dawid) #299

Wait, what? Does it mean I should always select type of the card as credit when I pay for stuff abroad?

(Andre Borie) #300

The US card payments scene is a disaster. “Debit” in the US means it’s going to attempt to throw your card at dozens of “regional” card networks and see what sticks (in this case it won’t work at all). “Credit” means it’s going to use Mastercard/Visa and it will work. They’re only called credit and debit because presumably all debit cards use the legacy regional networks where as credit cards use Mastercard/Visa.


Very well explained @Rjevski and will be really useful on my next US trip :grinning:

(Dawid) #302

Thank you @Rjevski - makes sense!