🇺🇸 Monzo in the USA [Discussion]

(Dan) #290

I shopped at Costco yesterday and checked out with Monzo Apple Pay! Thanks for making me aware that actually they do accept MasterCard (debit)!

(Lauren) #291

I understand Monzo seems to work everywhere in the States and now with a name on the card it removes any issues of having to show I.D on some purchases.

What I’m wondering - I go to Florida, USA next month and I know the machines ask if I want it in GBP or USD… What am I supposed to choose?

Thanks so much.


Hi @Laurenbeech I’ve moved your post over to the USA thread to keep it all together.

I would recommend selecting USD if you’re ever asked. The conversion rate is far better if you let Monzo do the converting that the machine. With Monzo you’ll always get the MasterCard rate.

(Lauren) #293

Brilliant! Thanks so much - Will select USD :smiley:


Yep, always choose to pay in the local currency (USD) if given the choice.

Also, if no choice is given just make sure the amount is in local (USD) on the screen/receipt before paying.

If offered ‘currency conversion’, likely when using an ATM, choose the option to not have it applied.

(Jolin) #295

Also, see the amazing guide to this issue from @Avishai:


If they take the money on departure, use a credit card on check in where they can do a pre-auth, then on check out, just tell them you want to use a different card.

(Dawid) #297

Not sure it this was reported. I used Monzo at Newark International Airport Railway Station to buy tickets. Chose debit, put the pin, and transaction was rejected.

Then I tried again, chose credit, no pin required, transaction succesful


You need to select Credit to pay using the international credit card networks. Debit is only for their domestic debit card scheme.

(Dawid) #299

Wait, what? Does it mean I should always select type of the card as credit when I pay for stuff abroad?


The US card payments scene is a disaster. “Debit” in the US means it’s going to attempt to throw your card at dozens of “regional” card networks and see what sticks (in this case it won’t work at all). “Credit” means it’s going to use Mastercard/Visa and it will work. They’re only called credit and debit because presumably all debit cards use the legacy regional networks where as credit cards use Mastercard/Visa.


Very well explained @anon23935806 and will be really useful on my next US trip :grinning:

(Dawid) #302

Thank you @anon23935806 - makes sense!

(Alec Balchin) #303

Bit late to the party and only just read your question.
We were in Colorado last month and like you are UK Costco card holders.
In store we had problems trying to pay with any UK credit or debit card and ended up paying in cash. We tried 3 or 4 cards with no luck so just be careful!
Same problem at their pumps. They do require a ZIP code and as the card is linked to a UK address it is not recognised. Again numerous cards were tried. Luckily my sister who lives out there was with us to pay using a US card.
You’ll find the same at some pay at pump gas stations but not all - Conoco were fine. At others you’ll need to see the attendant and either pre-authorise say $50 and full up so you’ll either get $50 of gas or if less it will only debit you the lower amount. You’ll get to know over time how much it costs to fill the tank up so you can adjust the amount pre-authorised to fit.
Have a great trip!

(Sam) #304

Thank you - I really appreciate the info! I’ll give costco fuel a miss in the US then. Hopefully I can find a company in Arizona where UK cards work! :cold_sweat:

(Marc Johnson) #305

Just back from another visit to New York last week, and using our Monzo card was faultless.

Didn’t use it for any ATM withdrawals, but used it for card payments in stores, cafes, bars, etc generally and it was accepted 100%.

On a few occasions I was asked to input my pin, but with or without the pin, I was always asked to sign a paper receipt.

Also love how purchases are notified immediately by the app, so you can see straight away as/when its been used, and where.

Before heading away, we got some £ changed to $ so we had some ‘cash in hand’ when we go there, and best rate we could get was $1.25 to the £1.

In New York, purchases were converting at $1.28 and $1.29 to the £1… another bonus.

Still primarily using it as a travel card/account - but seriously considering make the switch to it being my main current account (away from Halifax) soon.


I was always asked to sign a paper receipt

If you use PIN there shouldn’t be a need to sign and in fact the receipt shouldn’t even have space for signature.

(Stephen Douglas) #307

Just had an issue at a circle k filling station. Went contact less and said error bank not found, error 404 defaulted to chip and same issue… Then swipe failed.

Cash win this time…

(Josh Bray) #308

Circle k seems to be a problem. @tristan might be worth looking into. I’m going away to America next month so can do some testing.


@steveduk Just to double check, you were selecting credit and not debit right?