US Election 2020

I’m dubious about this. You either already know he’s full of crap or you’re a true believer. If you’re in the second camp, him getting thrown off Twitter is even more evidence of the left’s censorship of free speech.

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Then again, a lot of people had their eyes opened because of the actions in the US capital last week. You will always have the zealots, but even Republicans are finally being brave enough to oppose Trump and Trump doesn’t have the mouthpeace to attack them, or get his zealots to, as he would usually have.


Just think in a few years this will be an actual Hollywood movie or 2.

While I might find myself in the former, I’m pretty sure that the vast majority of folk are somewhere between the two. Removing soft support and exposure does diminish those on the extremes to an extent

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Perhaps. But it’s hard for me to see this as anything other than a get out of jail card for the GOP to belatedly put Trump out to pasture without any backlash. Their eyes haven’t suddenly been opened, he’s just no longer an electoral asset.

At least Trump was an honest crook. The way the GOP have been happy to enable Trump all this time is the real crime.


It might be a get out of jail free card for the GOP but it could easily have been 4 more years of Trumpism in the background of a Biden Presidency and then an election of Trump or a Trumpism candidate in 2024. Instead a number of GOP senators who want to run for President on the back of Trump are being challenged instead. There are silver linings to it all.

So it begins, see what wild things pan out this week


It would seem you are right. These insurrection plotting folk are now just flocking to telegram instead.

Shame the Senate won’t reconvene to see this out before his term is up :frowning:

Hopefully it just means when they’re back after he’s gone they’ll just decide to carry it through and he’s blocked then from running.

Fingers crossed anyways.

My cynicism appears to have played out.

Trump has gone! :tada:


Soon, soon. Still president for another 50 minutes.

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I’m a little bit disappointed he isn’t on Twitter anymore as I was looking forward to him tweeting out official secrets.


Favourite moment of the live stream so far:

Biden’s Grandkids with amazing level of coordination.


Looking like some neapolitan ice cream