Urgently require email changed on account.


I lost my phone and bank card thursday and tried to access my original email to access my bank but unable due to two factor authentication. Due to complications with my ID i was only able to send a selfie with myself as a picture yesterday but been told 2-3 days for a reply, i have waited 24 hours and I have no access to funds currently now and I am struggling to pay for daily essentials. As a premium member I would have thought this was make me a priority customer at the very least.

I have requested several times if some of the money in my current account can be put into my joint account so i can access which I have been told they can not do which i do not believe. In the current cost of living crisis and a user of many services I believe this is incredibly poor.

Please can someone advice on help i can recieve.

Paying for an account doesn’t give you any special treatment. You can try calling Monzo on the phone to see if they can crack on with it.


You have to look at it from Monzo’s side, you haven’t proven who you are, this could be your partner/someone else pretending to be you in order to get your money to your partner.

It’s not that they can’t do it, it would just be incredibly risk to do so.

Why did it take you nearly a week to do the ID? This doesn’t help you in making it seem like a genuine crisis.

But nobody here can help you. All you can do is wait for Monzo to reply. The timescales they give are usually worst case scenario.


My ID was in possession of the police, not that it is any of your business to judge what is a crisis or not. I provided information only I would know over the phone and the partner on the joint account they can clearly see is female.

Thanks for the reply though, hope it helps you sleep at night.

I’m sure it is stressful for you, but if you are just going to get angry at replies trying to show you WHY there might be a delay, you are not exactly going to get people helping you. And if it is none of their business, why did you tell them. Always a puzzling statement to make.


You’d need to wait until chat have resolved whatever they need to resolve.

We can’t action anything here, it’s solely a community (aka forum) and staff have no account access :neutral_face:

I hope it’s resolved soon for you :pray:

They are right about this. No one can move money in and out of someone’s account without a court saying they have the power to do that I believe and that includes employees at the bank.

You’ll have to get access to the account. Clearly too late now but for the future, it’s good to have a backup for two factor like writing down the backup codes.

Hoo boy, I do love it when someone asks for help on a forum of a community of enthusiasts, people try to help, and then the person gets arsey when they don’t hear what they want to hear