Uplifting Inspiration & Motivation

Times are trying right now, and there are moments for a lot of people where the future can feel tenebrous, hopeless, and lonely. Especially as we’re now heading towards a Christmas with potential lockdown restrictions.

I thought it might be nice to create a thread for folks to share things that inspire, motivate, or simply uplift their mood, so that in a moment of hopeless someone may stumble across and find something to give them cause to keep going, to remain hopeful, and to not feel alone. These can be anything from a quote to a tv show. And I think now is a good time for it.

I’ll start with a few that have helped me personally cope with difficult moments in life, and inspired me to get to where I am today.

I love Taraji, watching her go from strength to strength since her role in Person of Interest. I love her story, and it taught me that you’re never to old follow or achieve your dreams in life.

Steve Jobs was my hero throughout much of my life, and his impact on the world directly impacted mine for the better. Many of his speeches and interviews motivated me to get to where I am in life today, but it’s this particular one that I feel is the most important thing I’ve learned.

Good Witch is just a show that just makes me feel happy when I watch it, regardless of the mood I’m in prior.

This one is so self explanatory that it’s almost cliche. It brought the world together right when it needed it the most, and celebrates our differences. The message of the film, and the title song is quite clear. I watch it every Christmas now.

Please share anything that uplifts, inspires, or motivates you.


I was listening to this song when I got some very good news, now whenever I hear it I get a buzz of joy.

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Great idea for a thread. There’s been a couple of things that got me through a rather dark patch back in 2018 that I’m still pulling myself out of. The first one was the Minimalism documentary, which I’d suspect many people on this forum will have seen already, but I’ll share it again anyway.

It struck a chord with me and set me on a path that has helped get the finances in order and cleared my head no end.

Finally, the excellent Alastair Humphries has this great video about adventure that puts things into perspective for me:


Amazing video! Thanks for sharing it.


Music is what helps me get through, I also like to listen to music that I remember from better times.

Some interesting videos , I’m going to watch and keep an eye on this thread.


Some great posts so far! Thanks everyone!

Given that Christmas is fast approaching, I think it’s probably also worth sharing this fantastic clip from the Martin Lewis money show.