Updating Monzo, deleted, won't let me reinstall App

I’ve got a Galaxy S6 which ran Monzo perfectly well until this morning. It’s been coming up with a request to get the updated ‘new swishy’ app. I tried, but it never seemed to work. I deleted Monzo on my phone, but Google Play still says it’s installed. I try to reinstall, and it goes through the identify yourself motions, then goes back to do the install and comes up with a blank pop-up that just has an OK button. It doesn’t matter which way I try it I just get a non-event.

Did you restart your phone after you removed the app?

This generally clears all the cache and stuff which in this case is why it still thinks you have the app installed when you don’t.

Actually, Yes I did. I’m more concerned with the blank pop-up being err’m ‘blank’ any idea what the message is supposed to be?

Not a clue because it’s blank :rofl: :wink: Is everything else up to date? Android and all your other apps? If you pick a random app from the app store does that install ok?

Nobody else to my knowledge has reported anything like this either and I’ve been on here for ages :slightly_frowning_face: Might be one for Monzo support to help with.

In the mean time you can manage your finances with web.monzo.com but bear in mind it’s only basic.

I don’t know, sorry.
But it may be to do with security as it’s a five year old model.
DO you know when the last security/system updates where Release?

I just installed Zoom - no problem.

Is that a screenshot of the laptop/desktop browser view of your Google Play account?

If it is, try the phone Google Play app instead. I’ve had weird results in the past when remotely installing apps from the browser-based Play store to a device.

That’s proving a valid point. I had the issue on my phone, managed to replicate it on my PC, hence screenshot. I went in and checked my google apps while looking for an upgrade to Android from Greganddorne’s suggestion and discovered my Google Play App was disabled. As soon as I enabled it, the Monzo app downloaded. That problem now solved. I’m now just tying to get myself logged back in.

Thanks everyone.


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