Update Public API with relatively low-risk in-monzo features

There are lots of features in the monzo app that are relatively low risk (i.e. are internal to your monzo account) that are unavailable in the Public API. If these were added to the api it’d make it so much more useful.

  • ability to list all scheduled transactions (similar to the ‘Payments / Scheduled’ view in the app)
  • ability to edit scheduled pot transactions, even if its just to create/delete them
  • ability to edit pot targets
  • ability to read connected account balances (like credit cards, although this may not be possible under PSD2 I’m not sure).

At the moment, because the monzo feature set has now accelerated way past the public api. As an API user, it feels like I either have the choice to use the API or use these new features. Rather than one enhancing the other.

I’d also like to put in a vote for pot images to be returned in the API.