Update: App Logout Issues

(Ross) #22

@james looks like the new test flight is worse than the last for log outs. It’s happened to me 3 times already today. I wonder if it’s switching between wifi and 3/4g that’s causing the log out.


I’m with Ross. Mine has been bad. Running iOS 10.0.1 if it helps.


Logging me out on every app close now. Running the latest testflight build.

(Rika Raybould) #25

It was all going so well for me, then I got logged out this morning. :sob:

Phone was in low power mode all night and I received a refund of an authorisation charge from iTunes at around 20 minutes past midnight.

(Ross) #26

@james @hugo can you update on this. It seems to be getting worse

(James) #27

Hi. Just thought I’d note that this is still happening to me - got logged out a few minutes ago.

iOS 10.0.1, iPhone 6, app version 1.6.3 #265.

It also triggers the disabling of Touch ID login too when this happens.


Just noticed I got logged out on mine as well.

iOS10.0.1, iPhone 6S, 1.6.3 #265

Thought the public release would be better than the TestFlight and it is. If only we could find some common ground on everything.

(Rika Raybould) #29

Might it be related to transaction notifications in any way? One of the only things I can think of that I’m not getting many of (yay unemployment!) that everybody else here would be getting perhaps at least daily. I have personally only experienced one logout since build #264 and that was the morning after an iTunes card check refund.


I would like to agree, but my card hasn’t been used since 8th Sept and I was logged out so I think that could possibly rule that out?

(Rika Raybould) #31

Aww. So the question is still what are you all doing that I’m not? :thinking:

(Michael) #32

Getting this pretty much every other day or so it seems. I do use the widget section in iOS a lot more than I used to. I’ve been running the iOS 10 beta since beta 2. But it’s only more recently (probably since the last update) become more of an issue!

Keep getting the widget telling me it’s been logged out! :unamused:

(Rika Raybould) #33

Of course, as soon as I say that, I open the app to this. :disappointed:

In this case, I had just arrived at Sainsbury’s and the phone was in the process of connecting to the store WiFi network.

(JoeO) #34

I’m still suffering from this too - getting infuriating…

(James Nicholson) #35

Thanks for the intel all, I’m so sorry it’s so frustrating :pensive:

It seems very likely that the remaining logouts are due to connection failures when the app is negotiating OAuth 2 refresh tokens.

We’re addressing this specifically on the backend right now, but it’s part of a bigger task that’s unfortunately going to take a little time.

Once we’re done, token handling will be much more robust, and it’ll also be much easier for us to see what’s going on when failures occur so we can fix these pro-actively.

Meanwhile, if you manage any consistently reproducible logout conditions I’d absolutely love to hear about it. I would very much like to this bug squished!

(Rika Raybould) #36

Thanks for the update James! :+1:

Makes sense now, I wouldn’t have seen any of these logouts at home because WiFi and 3G/4G there is solid. My few logouts before the Monzo name change and two after the lastest few builds could all be attributed to poor or changing network connectivity.

(James Smith) #37

Logged out four times today, getting a bit annoying now.

(Emilia Todorova) #38

I wasn’t experiencing any problems until yesterday when my app just started logging me out pretty much every time I went on Monzo. At first I thought it might be because I had logged in on my Android and iPhones at the same time (although that has been the case for a couple of weeks now and had no issues with it), so I removed Monzo from my android phone. Monzo still loges me out regularly with the same message as @RichardR… Hopefully you will find a solution soon!

(Rika Raybould) #39

Two more logouts on #267, one overnight. :sob: This time the widget was showing stale data (spent today had not reset) before opening the full app to the state in my image from post 13 in this thread.


I just got logged out again.
I have put a note on a transaction, then when back to update it, as soos as i clicked back I got logged out !
When I opened the app again the new note was not save.
Hope this helps…


Logged out twice today. Also happened a couple times yesterday. Is the fix mentioned I’m the OP still waiting to be pushed out?