Upcoming (not recurring) expenses, as reminder

I quite often have larger, one-off things I need to pay for in a given month that aren’t scheduled or recurring (e.g., flights for a trip). I often know about these things months in advance, would it be possible to have an area to save these “in the future big expenses”, possibly with an attached month and estimated amount, and then when that month comes around that amount is highlighted in that months spending or something? It’s not “committed spending”, because I could change my plans or the amount I spend, but it is a large amount that I need to be aware of during a month (and frequently in the past have forgotten about, thank the Gods for credit cards.)
I did search to see if something similar has been suggested before but they all seemed to deal with regular recurring committed spending. Whereas this is more of a “friendly reminder! You have JimBob’s stag do coming up this month on the 18th, maybe go easy on the coffees!” I understand you could create a pot with the cash, but this is a “softer” approach for things which aren’t set in stone in terms of date or amount.

Thanks! :slight_smile: