Upcoming Features

Unless I missed something, I’m pretty sure these haven’t been shared anywhere else on the forum - these are in the sneak peek section of the app:

  • New spending categories: Personal Care & Family
  • Find contacts near you when splitting the bill or spending money.
  • Schedule regular payments into your Pots.

Do you have a screen grab of the info on this, please :raised_hands:

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Brilliant, thanks Michael!

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I think somebody on Slack (perhaps James B) found this :grin:


Which did include the scheduled pots sneak peak :wink:

These are in the app as well, that’s the page that gets displayed in the application

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Aha right!

You’re on iOS I’m guessing? (I don’t get the joy of seeing this screen on Android :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) Nice find though! Can’t wait to see these features in the flesh!

It’s in the help section :thinking:

Might not be on Android - I’m on iOS yea…

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