Upay merchant

Maybe not really a bug. The bar (yes we have a full licensed inside the office) in my company seems to use uPay as a broker to process payments.
It does not have any details at the moment, maybe because this might be the first uPay payment handled by mondo.

I got the default grey icon only and the location of uPay headquarters I guess.

Also I would guess that it would not be easy to tell one uPay transaction from another on another place unless there is some metadata that allow that distinction.

More that happy to provide adicional info if needed.

Hey @mafonso, thanks! Can you tap the “Something wrong?” button at the bottom of the transaction and provide some more info there? Then we can fix it to look correct :slight_smile:

Just did.
But I understand that is is a trick one. Like so for all other merchants using upay (or similar payment processing companies), unless they share the merchant details some how. :thought_balloon:

Is this a similar situation to PayPal?

Yeah it might be :expressionless: We’ll take a look at it and if it is, work out a better way to display it :slight_smile: