Unrecognised payment pending. What to do?

I can see a payment I didn’t make today and it’s pending however I don’t recognise the payment at all. How do I stop this?

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Report it to Monzo immediately. It could be fraudulent.

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Or in short, freeze your card and do this:

  1. Tap the Help icon in the menu bar of your app
  2. Select the payment from the list of your recent payments
  3. Tap Report Fraud under ‘I don’t recognise this transaction’

Have you made any payments today? Or yesterday? Could it be a transaction you’ve made but don’t recognise the merchant?

If you scroll to the very bottom of the transaction sometimes that can be clearer than what Monzo represents on the front.


It seems it’s an auto renewal for car insurance. I don’t even own the car anymore!,! Shouldn’t I have been given some notice?

You should have given the insurance company some notice that you don’t have the car any more, surely?


Have you checked your email filters/spam folder? I don’t know which company you insured with, but I always get an email just over a month before my renewal giving me my new quote.

As you no longer have the car, I presume you cancelled the insurance earlier this year? So the other thing I would ask is, is this really a ‘pending’ payment or is it actually a ‘predicted’ payment?

I should have been clearer it was breakdown insurance, supposedly for t one year, and forgot about it when I sold the car.

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Ah, should be easily resolved by contacting the insurance company/broker you bought the insurance from and telling them you no longer wish to be a customer, then.

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