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I think that eventually they are going to have come up with some exceptions to sending out personal data to people to allow them move forward. My local hospital has more fax machines than computers! That’s insane in 2018, although that’s why it wasn’t badly affected by the wannacry virus

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It’s sadly what happens when you build systems that link together around one OS.

In many ways, a custom built OS would be better for such a large organisation, working WITH Microsoft or Apple or Google or whoever. Of course that will cost a small fortune…

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I don’t rate Game of Thrones.



I really went off it when I heard there was a rape scene in an upcoming season, look I know this horrific act happens but when I put telly on and immerse myself in some fantasy I really don’t want to be seeing that stuff.

I actually find it easier to watch zombies eating people than watch that horrible thing.

It put me off the whole show.

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Completely agree. I used to work in the NHS, and when we moved offices we got a new fax machine which was much more complicated than the old one. No one knew how it worked, so we stopped sending faxes. Even our manager never noticed.

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So hold on, they would rather use fax which has no encryption what-so-ever rather than email which at least has optional (if all the providers in the chain support it) encryption? Crazy.

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Yes, and better than that Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust doesn’t have any fax machines anymore, so they email Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust to send faxes on their behalf :man_facepalming:
Primarily as lots of GP surgeries still request details as faxes.

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Ha, you should try watching an opera (a lot of them are pretty graphic)


Amazon Seller services use Fax as well :see_no_evil:

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I worked at HMRC for a year and faxing tax codes (coding notices) to employers was… my least favourite duty by far :sweat_smile:

(Ray) #96

As a former employee of OUHNHSFT I can believe this.

(Andy Hughes) #97

We still have fax machines in our hospital too. It drives me bonkers when I’m waiting for something time critical from another hospital and it either takes an age or never shows up. :rage:

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I don’t get the obsession people have with dogs, I love cats, but dogs not so much, but dare i say that to a group of people in a social event? I always get shocked faces when I say that.

Also agree with OP, I’ve enjoyed Star Wars, but don’t really see myself being obsessed about them


I would love to get emails rather than post from the NHS. I imagine it would save money, be more convenient and is inherently more secure?


God, if I went through all of them we’d be here all day. So:

  • Most one-hour-per-episode drama series are too long, and there are far too many of them. (I just finished the final, awful season of House of Cards and it’s on my mind)

  • Despite having a bunch of fantasy nerd friends, I find basically all fantasy media to be tedious.

  • Overtly using nostalgia to flog your product (looking at you, Halifax and Moneysupermarket) is a sign you’ve run out of ideas.

  • Because most pubs are now chain-owned, they’re generally bloody awful.

(Tony Hoyle) #101

I get emails from the local surgery asking me to fill in surveys… so they have email… but when I needed to make an outpatient appointment the doctor couldn’t make one directly, they had to request one from the hospital, which they could do electronically, who sent me a letter asking me to log into a portal I’d never heard of before to make the appointment - and then never replied to my request for a username/password for it.

So I never got the appointment… It could easily have been one step. Doctor makes appointment, tells me when to go in, done. Instead it’s a convoluted mess involving post and government IT.


Nandos is awful.



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I wouldn’t say awful but definitely massively overrated!!!