Unofficial Monzo Community Meet at Thorpe Park


Who’s up for hitting Thorpe Park on October 20th? The park is open from 10am until 10pm as it’s fright nights so riding the coasters in the dark.

All welcome. It’d be great to meet some of you. I’m hoping a few of the Monzo staff will be up for this but we will see.


I’m down…

Will see if any of the other guys at work who are on Monzo can make it.


Nice one, see you there :raised_hands:


I’m game but sadly can’t make it :sob:

(James Billingham) #5

Looks like that’s a Friday? Not sure many people would be able to go during the week!

(Simon Turp) #6

I would love to join but that’s the day I return to work after 3 days off!

If I can get the day off I’ll be there



It is a Friday, but as it’s 10-10… am hoping it won’t be as busy too.

Bad timing there then! Fingers crossed.

(Hugh) #8

Love the unofficial meetup bit - not the Thorpe Park bit so much :wink: (scarrrry!)