Unlinkable Other Accounts

I think it would be great idea to allow us to add other accounts that are not linkable. How this could work is you create an other account by its name and allow the user to alter the starting balance and manually add transactions.

Why this would be useful:

  • Loans and other accounts that are currently unable to be listed can benefit from your budgeting tools.
  • One could add family/friend loans and track how far they are with paying them back. (It could work either way. Ie Ive lent money to my brother in law and my dad has lent us money in the past. The accounts could be in debt or credit to indicate direction of debt)

I hope this feature is considered for the future.


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This would be amazing and I’d very much be here for it.

I also like this idea! Thanks for sharing, hopefully it’s on the roadmap :crossed_fingers: