Unknown payments to deactivated card

I keep getting notified of “donations” to TASC declined. I have never donated to TASC before or given them my card details. The payments are only for $0.00 and with my “old, deactivated card”, should I be worried? Why do they have my card details?

What happened to your old card, was it lost or stolen? If you just disposed of it when you got your new card did you destroy your old card?

I would speak to customer support via an in-app message and they might be able to shed some light on where the transactions are coming from and if someone has compromised your old card number they may be able to forward it onto their financial crime team.


Please contact us on the in app chat so we can have a further look at your account! Help@monzo.com also works if you want to email :blush:

TASC as in The Ambulance Service Charity? I love them :hot_coral_heart:
Although that might be because I’m in the Ambulance Service…

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Hey!! :wave:

I spent 33 years toiling away in the London Ambulance Service.

@Anarchist 33 years!!! I’m 3 years in… 3 years too many… unfortunately I wouldn’t recommend joining the Ambulance Service to anyone… even if I really didn’t like them :see_no_evil: