University not on the list

(Alex Todorova) #1

Hi, I received an email asking if I was a student and it asked where I was studying, however my uni - University of Glasgow was not an option on the list. Thought it would be a good idea to start a conversation where other students with the same issue can add their universities?

(Tom) #2

This sounds like an issue for @bailey (I think…), however just to check have you checked that its not there as Glasgow University or similar?

(Alex Todorova) #3

Hi Tom, I did check that yeah. Thanks! The only There was Caledonian University. And west of Scotland I think. Not sure if Strathclyde was on it either.

(Bailey Kursar) #4

Sorry! Realised the only unis on the list were ones where we already have known students, and so I’ve added an ‘Other’ option, plus ‘Glasgow’ - thank you so much!

(Dean Meehan) #5

We also have a few students I know of in
University of Ulster and Queen’s University Belfast.