University not on the list

Hi, I received an email asking if I was a student and it asked where I was studying, however my uni - University of Glasgow was not an option on the list. Thought it would be a good idea to start a conversation where other students with the same issue can add their universities?

This sounds like an issue for @bailey (I think…), however just to check have you checked that its not there as Glasgow University or similar?

Hi Tom, I did check that yeah. Thanks! The only There was Caledonian University. And west of Scotland I think. Not sure if Strathclyde was on it either.

Sorry! Realised the only unis on the list were ones where we already have known students, and so I’ve added an ‘Other’ option, plus ‘Glasgow’ - thank you so much!

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We also have a few students I know of in
University of Ulster and Queen’s University Belfast.