University Leaderboard

Is the university leaderboard still active? I can’t seem to find it anywhere!

The link in the original blog post ‘Getting Students On Board’ just forwards to the new uni page, with no sign of the leaderboard. Did Monzo give up on it or am I just failing to find it? If the former, does anyone know if it’ll be back?

EDIT - the title for the uni page, which appears in search results, still mentions the leaderboard:

a leaderboard - Monzo – It’s time for a new kind of bank

For those of you interested, an update from :monzo::

Unfortunately the student programme is currently on pause, there’s a chance it might be started up again, but we’re having a little bit of a lull at the moment while we focus in on launching the world’s best current account in a few months time

Got this reply from customer support recently, and the same thing was confirmed last week by @Zainab. Guess we will have to be patient :grinning:


Just to add to this, we’ll be looking at new opportunities to engage with the student community in coming months. I imagine this won’t look like previous Uni campaign but there are some great relationships we’ve built up with those involved that could be good starting blocks. We’ll be reaching out to students this week to find out how we can offer some real value in whatever activity we decide to go with. It’s early days but I’ll keep you updated.