Unfurler: Automating Email Receipts from Gmail

Hi guys, has anyone managed to automatically forward emails from Gmail?

The link @Sherlock includes on the account page for automating Gmail, assumed we have access to the Unfruler unique email, but we don’t. Do we?

When I try to do this for my Unfurler receipt+0d@unfurler.app unique email, Gmail usually sends a verification code:

Has anyone been able to automate this?

I couldn’t find an applet on IFTTT which does this.


Pro tip - if you need my help then my DMs are open and I respond quickly to support emails :sweat_smile:

In this case though - gmail verification codes are shown on your account page once requested. Just login and it should appear.

If you have any further issues - email is the way.


Thanks for the quick response man. That worked, didn’t think to look at the dashboard for the code.

Btw the tool is awesome, I’ve just managed to import 40 + receipts into Monzo, backdated.

Really looking forward to make this work moving forward!

Thanks again!