Underground puppy & kitten trading ban


I struggle to understand why Tom Blomfield would tweet about the puppy licensing announcement. Whether sarcastic or not, it’s not a good move.

I don’t get it…

Can a Monzo pet lover put me right please?

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Will we get a Dog Tax again?

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Why not ask him? Isn’t that the point of Twitter?

I have, but I’m interested in the views of others

It’s headline grabbing but will do little in reality

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Still better than doing nothing :man_shrugging:t3:

The government can work on more than one thing a once (I believe).


I agree. And how come it only applies in England?

I guess Tom’s point is that we have many concerns at the moment (Brexit being the main one, but there are so many others) and this is not that important in the scheme of things…? I’m not certain I agree, though. Government can do many things at the same time (or so you’d hope!)


Also personal twitter, personal views


Hmm. I believe someone said Tom Blomfield doesn’t own pets. That might explain it…(or not).

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He voted for dogs in the poll :crying_cat_face:


The government can work on more than one thing a once (I beilive).

Are you sure? I already have doubts they can work on just one thing, let alone many.


Well that certainly seems to be a welcome change from when they tried to bring back fox hunting in 2014 at least :roll_eyes: The first thing they announced after winning the elections



What I read into Tom’s tweet was a sense of frustration that things that he considers to be most important aren’t being (visibly) considered.

Now, I’ll admit that his phrasing could do with some work, but I think it’s a leap to say that Tom hates animals / supports underground kitten and puppy trading.

We will all have our own personal views about the government and their policy priorities, but it seems like a bit of a cheap shot to have a go, to be honest, especially when you consider that it would be easy for him to hire a media management firm or something to look after his online “brand”.

That would be a stupid statement to make, of course.

It certainly wasn’t that.

Surely it’s just that.

And surely it’s OK to raise it, isn’t it (I’ve no wish to offend)

Seems a bit off topic to me. Don’t make me break out the GIFs.

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Hey @Demmedelusive! Just moved all these posts to a new thread so we can keep the other one for community pet pictures. Feel free to continue the discussion on this thread :slight_smile:


These powers aren’t reserved to Westminster, it would be for the devolved parliaments to do.


Hi Eve

I didn’t want to make a big thing so I put it there. It’ll all probably subside now.

Thanks for your input. :grinning:

Aaarrggghhh :grinning:

Why only on the underground? Is it a big thing? Do they trade more on the central line than the victoria line?