Underdogs, hot-coral cards and a new mobile network

(Alex Barrett) #191

Are you planning on offering packages for businesses where multiple sim’s can be managed with a single account etc?

Looking at a new provider for my business in the next few months and the current offerings as a business client make things so overly complicated I’d love to see some fresh thinking in the market.

(Nick) #192

Multiple-SIM cards is on the roadmap, but not something we’ll support from day 1. And even then, we’ll build it around families/friends as opposed to businesses.

“Zevvle Business” could maybe happen in the future… I’m interested though – what would you want to see? What’s missing, what could be done better? :slight_smile:

(#savetheseabass) #193

Hi Nick, you’ve gone quiet so wondered if there any updates about how things are going and possible launch date?

(Daniel White) #194

Not seen this thread before so glad I’ve stumbled on it. Would definitely be interested when you have shared plans available. I pay way over the odds with EE just to keep my shared plan going because I find it way easier than managing 4 different contracts!

(Nick) #195

Hey! Thank you for asking — sorry, been head down recently (an email was in the works) :man_facepalming:

Honestly, things aren’t going great (at the moment). To cut a long story short, I’m worried about taking anyone’s money and, without traction (hard evidence of value), jumping into a cutthroat industry. “Hasn’t that always been the case?” you ask. Yep, and better to realise it late than never (I’m learning everyday). To put it in context, giffgaff lost £23.5 million in their first 3 years, and the plan is to do it on a dime in comparison.

So, traction (email signups don’t count). Because of the chicken and egg scenario (needing ££££ to get anything useful out the door, namely SIM cards), I think deposits is a useful measure. 500 people putting £100 towards their future mobile plan? There’s a business to bet on.

That’s an opportunity to do something useful beforehand — as much as I hate to say it, Zevvle is nothing more than an idea at the moment. Firstly, a helpful app without needing SIMs. Features are TBD, but think data monitoring/predicting across apps, usage limits, a realtime API, competitions with friends on who can use Snapchat the least, etc. (ideas welcome). Secondly, a community forum around mobile networks and what a great one will be (should have happened already; I’ve been slow…). Trying to build another giffgaff with a modern app and great customer service won’t cut it.

Yes, this delays everything, I’m sorry. It’s a few steps back and doesn’t feel good; a week ago I was working on a funding campaign. In the end it’ll be worth it — the startup graveyard is full of cool ideas and wasted money, so it’ll pay off to take the time and build something great.

Any thoughts on this I’d love to hear; tell me where I’m wrong, etc.


(#savetheseabass) #196

You’ve definitely done the right thing to take a step back and reevaluate rather than plow on and ignore your doubts. Your honesty is very refreshing and i’ll definitely keep an eye out for updates when you get things the way you want them :+1:

(Alex Barrett) #197

Still looking forward to hearing you’ve got your mojo back on this one at some point. A new way of approaching the mobile industry is badly needed.
I’ve been getting new phones and plans for my business and a charity I’m involved in recently, as well as a couple for family and on each occasion it’s been a pain, there have been hoops to jump through and it just feels like old business practices flogging us modern services.

(Nick) #198

Yes! Sorry for the lack of comms (lots of code… :computer: ); things are going really well. Currently finalising our supplier contract, then aiming for the first SIMs around the end of Feb. Very excited about what’s in the pipeline… I’ll send out an email either today or tomorrow with a couple more updates :slight_smile:

Hope you had a great Christmas (if that’s your jam…)! :christmas_tree:


Glad to see some news about this finally!



(Ben Talbot) #201

I hope we see something like Google Fi come from this! Seems much better than the old model (as long as the £/data is reasonable)

(Harry Cross) #202

Out of interest, would you be able to publish an easy to get at list of all your roaming partners abroad?

(Ben Talbot) #203

Would love that

(Ben Talbot) #204

Would you have the bonus features? Eg VoLTE, call forwarding, WiFi calling, etc?

(Harry Cross) #205

I suspect it may be the same set of roaming partners as their host network in the UK uses though.

(Ben Talbot) #206

It most likely would be, but EE doesn’t exactly make it super simple themselves, so it’d still be a bonus


None of that at the beginning due to their MVNO “enabler” not supporting it but it’s definitely planned down the line. :+1:t2:

At least that’s what I understood when I inquired about all that, so unless things changed dramatically I don’t think it’ll be available at release. The truth is that MVNO enablers aren’t really interested in offering these features (most of their MVNO clients get away fine without them, so why put the effort?).

(Nick) #208

Definitely some similarities, although it’ll be Europe-only to start with. We don’t have the negotiating power of Google (yet), and the data rates beyond the EEA aren’t worth it.

Yep, they’re effectively “hand-me-downs.” Will see what we can do to publish a list :slight_smile:

Unfortunately not, at least for now. We might be able to work with our enabler to support them in the near-term, otherwise it’ll have to wait until we’re a ‘full’ MVNO. Think of it like Monzo getting their full banking license; the requirements & stakes are considerably higher. :boom:


An update from @nbgoodall:



Another update https://zevvle.com/blog/2019/02/04/the-road-to-launch-and-slightly-beyond/