Under 18s accounts

(Andre Borie) #186

But how would you even validate a physical copy? The only secure way (for both electronic and physical copies) is to get the issuing authorisation to vouch for them. Everything else is just security theatre.

(Leon) #187

I guess it must be harder or impossible for anybody under 18 to do that…:thinking::smirk::roll_eyes:

(Josh E) #188

Not at all, most teens have passports and all the other banks do fine with verification.

(Richard Cook) #191

Good news! :tada:


Getting there. My 12 year old keeps asking when she can get a Monzo account :sunglasses:

(Tim Banting) #194

Me too. I would like to see a shared pot for my very young daughter. I would pay extra for a Monzo junior card so she can spend from a “pocket money pot”.

Then, when she is older, she can convert it to full-fledged Monzo.

(Tim Banting) #195

-ah, so now we need a thread on children’s accounts for <15 year-olds!

(MikeF) #196

As one of those rare people who read most things here, I’ve seen this request from you on at least three different threads in the last 24hrs alone. Somehow, I think they’ve got the message… :grinning:

(Tim Banting) #197

My daughter loves the “pink card” and how she can use it for Daddy and daughter breakfasts! :wink: